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Economic crisis
22/11/2013 - France

France to lose 5,500 jobs with courier bankruptcy

Another 5,000 jobs are to go in France with the country's second biggest courier firm, Mory-Ducros, declaring bankruptcy on Friday. Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has promised to find buyers.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel with SPD leaders during coalition talks
21/11/2013 - France - Germany

France welcomes proposed German minimum wage

The French government has welcomed Germany's commitment to establish a legal minimum wage


French press review 21 November 2013

Ayrault's tax revamp is judged risky. French multinationals are judged untruthful. Europe is urged to strip off the hair shirt. Les Bleus say goodbye to mediocrity.


French press review 20 November 2013

This morning's front pages are divided between celebration of the national football team's qualification for the World Cup and lamentation that the prime minister's promise to review the taxation ...


French press review 19 November 2013

It's hard to believe that the five French newspapers to hand were all published on the same planet.

French midwives on strike for pay and status
19/11/2013 - On-the-spot France

French midwives on strike for pay and status

France’s midwives deliver the vast majority of the country’s babies. But since 26 October over 70 per cent of the sector has been on strike.


French press review 18 November 2013

Mayors, Manuel Valls, the economy and social inequality all feature in today's French papers.


French weekly magazines review

Spreading social unrest, the political woes of French President Francois Hollande and rising racism in France continue to attract most comments in the magazines for yet another week.

Zimbabwe's economic woes
16/11/2013 - African news explained

Zimbabwe's economic woes

Today marks 100 days since Robert Mugabe was reelected president for his seventh consecutive term since he came to power in 1980.


French press review 15 November 2013

A French priest is abducted in Cameroon. Unions take up the cudgels for Brittany. France's economy continues to flounder. Europe's far-right eurosceptics unite (some of them, anyway).