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Economic crisis

French press review 22 January 2014

The Syrian peace talks, opening on Tuesday in Switzerland, dominate the French front pages this morning, although there's still room for talk of taxes and the government's social policy.

Job Centre, Marseille
21/01/2014 - France

Hollande says 'Responsibility Pact' must deliver 'verifiable' job increases from business

François Hollande told business leaders at a reception on Tuesday that he expected them to create jobs among the young and the over 50s, as part of his “Responsibility Pact”, first ...

French press review 21 January 2014

The French dailies are all about the French carmaker PSA Peugeot Citroën and its alliance with the French state and a Chinese investment consortium...




French press review 20 January 2014

Could petrol be cheaper, Iranian nuclear deal comes to effect and Syrian peace talks open in Geneva, are all topics in today's French papers.


French press review 16 January 2014

No French referees in this summer's football World Cup in Brazil, bankruptcy of no fewer than 63,000 French businesses last year and French regions that are threathened with extinction are all topics ...
 India's Rahul Gandhi set to be announced as a PM candidate
16/01/2014 - World news explained

India's Rahul Gandhi set to be announced as a PM candidate

In India, the Congress party is set to announce Rahul Gandhi as it's candidate for prime minister at the end of this week.
President François Hollande during his press conference on Tuesday
15/01/2014 - France - Germany

Germany welcomes Hollande's turn to austerity

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's right-wing party, the CDU, has welcomed French President François Hollande's announcement of budget cuts and help to business at a much-publicised press ...

French press review 15 January 2014

Six front pages, six photographs of the same man, six versions of yesterday's presidential press conference.

François Hollande.
14/01/2014 - France

No comment on Hollande's love life at high-profile press conference

François Hollande's declined to comment on his love life at a press conference on Tuesday, saying that it was neither the time nor the place to discuss it.
Valérie Trierwieler with François Hollande
14/01/2014 - France

Hollande's love life set to squeeze out economy at major press conference

French President François Hollande's alleged romantic escapades looked set to overshadow his plans to tackle France's economic woes at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.