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French President Francois Hollande speaks with Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron as Finance Minister Michel Sapin gestures during a meeting at the OECD headquarter in Paris
20/10/2014 - France-Germany

French ministers in Germany to thrash out budget that EU will buy

France’s budget and economy ministers are to meet their German counterparts in Berlin today, to discuss boosting growth and investment.
President Francois Hollande and Social Affairs Minister Marisol Touraine, 16 October 2014.
17/10/2014 - France

France's family allowance not universal any more

The French government has stopped family allowance payments to the better-off, ending a universal system that has lasted for over 70 years.

The European Central Bank headquarters in Frankfurt
16/10/2014 - France - World economy

Paris bourse falls again Thursday as European economic jitters continue

The Paris bourse fell again on Thursday after hitting its lowest level since August 2013 on Thursday.
Venezuela fingerprints shoppers to tackle shortages
16/10/2014 - International report

Venezuela fingerprints shoppers to tackle shortages

In Venezuela shoppers continue to suffer shortages of the most basic goods, from shampoo to insect repellent.

African press review 15 October 2014

Madagascar would like to know where Marc Ravalomanana is. Winnie Mandela claims she was never properly divorced. The number of millionaires soars in "high-inequality" South Africa.
French nuclear giant Areva hopes to build reactors in South Africa
14/10/2014 - France-South Africa

France signs nuclear cooperation accord with South Africa

France on Tuesday signed a cooperation accord with South Africa for the development of civil nuclear technology.


French press review 14 October 2014

There's plenty of advice on this morning's front pages.

French consumers, hackers, environmentalists all against TAFTA
14/10/2014 - On-the-spot France

French consumers, hackers, environmentalists all against TAFTA

France, as a member of the European Union, is in negotiations with the United States on a free trade agreement, and not everyone is on board.
French economist Jean Tirole
13/10/2014 - France

French economist Jean Tirole wins Nobel prize

French economist Jean Tirole has won the Nobel prize for Economics, it was announced on Monday.

French press review 13 October 2014

French budgetary problems, vanishing North Korean leaders, and unemployment benefit are among the main French stories this morning . . .