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Thousands of French pensioners are waiting for payments
19/12/2014 - France

Thousands of French pensioners receive no payments for months

French Social Affairs Minister Marisol Touraine has announced emergency payments for thousands of pensioners who have been left penniless because their claims are logjammed thanks to a rise in new ...
The Mistral-class helicopter-carrier Vladivostok, Saint-Nazaire shipyard, 4 Sept. 2014.
18/12/2014 - France - Russia

Russian Mistral sailors head home from France

Some 400 Russian sailors training to operate the Mistral-class warship left France for home on Thursday, with still no official decision in Paris over whether to deliver the vessel to Russia.

The Ministry of Finance building in Paris.
18/12/2014 - France

France vulnerable to economic espionage, report

France is extremely vulnerable to economic espionage because the importance of secure data protection is not fully appreciated, according to a report just released.


French press review 17 December 2014

The French front pages are divided between fear and shock this morning, the fear provoked by Russia's financial woes, the shock by the murder of 136 schoolchildren by the Pakistani Taliban.


French press review 16 December 2014

Immigration, retirement, austerity and taxis are the main items on this morning's front page menu.

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin (R) with President François Hollande (C) and Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron (L)
13/12/2014 - France- World economy

Fitch downgrades France’s credit rating

Ratings agency Fitch cut France's credit grade to AA, down a notch from AA+, on Friday, saying the government’s efforts to cut the country’s debt have not been good enough.


French press review 12 December 2014

A report on the right-to-die debate is published today. Sarkozy sets about leading a divided right. And Bretons take an in-depth look at their pigs.


French press review 11 December 2014

Socialists fall out over the right to shop on Sunday and nobody else seems to like the government's latest attempt to reform the French economy.
Lawyers, notaries and bailiffs protest in Paris as parliament prepares to discuss Emmanuel Macron's economy bill
10/12/2014 - France

Sunday shopping, bailiffs’ ‘privileges’ targeted by France’s grab-bag economic reform

Lawyers, notaries and bailiffs took to France’s streets on Wednesday and left-wingers promised to fight an extension of Sunday shopping hours as French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron prepared ...

French press review 10 December 2014

Does France have a shadow president? Will the Socialists be split asunder by the “Macron law”? Will the growing rich-poor gap harm the world economy?