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Ecowas trade fair boosts Africa-to-Africa business
08/11/2013 - International report

Ecowas trade fair boosts Africa-to-Africa business

More than 600 business leaders from the Economic Community of West Africa (Ecowas) have headed to Ghana for the seventh Ecowas trade fair.
01/03/2013 - Mali - France

Dozens of Islamists rounded up in Mali, DNA tests on corpse of possible Aqim leader

French and Malian troops have rounded up about 50 suspected Islamist fighters on an island near north Mali’s main town, Gao.
07/02/2013 - Mali - France

UN considers French request to take over Mali intervention force

France has asked the UN to take rover the command of forces in Mali as Paris prepares to start pulling its troops out next month.

UN, Africans discuss Mali after the war
06/02/2013 - African news explained

UN, Africans discuss Mali after the war

The United Nations, the African Union, the west African organisation Ecowas and the World Bank met yesterday to discuss how to help Mali get back on its feet.
01/02/2013 - Interview: Mali - France - Côte d'Ivoire

Ecowas troops to operate throughout Mali, Ouattara tells RFI

The west African force in Mali will operate throughout the country in order to allow elections to take place, Côte d’Ivoire’s President Alassane Ouattara told RFI at the African ...
26/01/2013 - France - Mali

French and Mali troops seize Gao airport

The French defence minister says French-led forces have wrested control of the airport at the Islamist stronghold of Gao northeast of the Mali capital Bamako.

21/01/2013 - France - Mali - EU

French, Malian troops take second town as EU proposes Mali meeting

French and Malian troops recaptured the town of Duentza on Monday after taking Diabaly earlier in the day.
20/01/2013 - France - Mali - Russia - Canada - Germany

French forces advance towards Mali’s north as Russia and Canada offer help

The French military says its troops are progressing further into Islamist-held territory in northern Mali as Russia and Canada offer logistical support to France’s military intervention.

16/01/2013 - France - Mali

French troops fight Islamist rebels on the ground in Mali

French troops have fought Islamist fighters in the Malian town of Diabaly in the first ground clashes after days of air strikes, according to Malian security forces. ...
26/12/2012 - France - Nigeria

Wife of Frenchman kidnapped in Nigeria says her husband was not the intended target

The wife of a Frenchman kidnapped last week in northern Nigeria says she believes the kidnappers intended to abduct two other Frenchmen instead of her husband.