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Edouard Balladur
Nicolas Bazire (L),in April 1995 with then French prime minister and presidential candidate Edouard Balladur
13/06/2014 - France - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia

LVMH executive, former PM Balladur associates in court on arms-sale corruption charges

A top executive of luxury group LVMH and other associates of former prime minister Edouard Balladur are to face trial in a French court over a long-running saga of alleged corruption linked to arms ...
Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy
08/02/2014 - France

Sarkozy to be questioned in Karachi affair corruption scandal

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy will be called to testify in front of a special court over alleged kickbacks from French arms sales to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

French press review 1 October 2011

Saturday’s French newspapers are dominated by reactions to the string of scandals rocking President Sarkozy’s presidency.

30/09/2011 - France

Police question Sarkozy's former interior minister, Brice Hortefeux

French police questioned President Sarkozy's longtime friend and adviser Brice Hortefeux on Friday, in connection with the so-called Karachi affair, in which two of Sarkozy's closest allies are ...

French press review 24 September 2011

Saturday’s French newspapers are dominated by the Karachi affair, a scandal involving arms contracts, kickbacks and terror attacks and now apparently causing a certain concern in the French ...

French press review 23 September 2011

Is Sarkozy protesting too much over the Karachi affair? Will the Socialists make political capital out of it? Did anyone notice the president had made a UN speech on the Palestinians?


French press review 22 September 2011

There's not a glimmer of good, or even moderately good, news on this morning's French front pages.

Karachi sleaze probe could hear Sarkozy
18/11/2010 - Focus on France

Karachi sleaze probe could hear Sarkozy

Lawyers for the families of 11 French engineers killed in a bomb attack in Pakistan eight years ago want President Nicolas Sarkozy to testify in a case involving allegations that the explosion was ...
Former Prime Minister Edoaurd Balladur
10/11/2010 - France - Pakistan

Karachi attack families take Sarkozy ally to court

The families of French victims of a 2002 bombing in Pakistan are to take the president of France's National Assembly to court for refusing to hand over evidence given to a parliamentary ...
26/04/2010 - France

Sarkozy embroiled in bribery enquiry

French President Nicolas Sarkozy was facing questions on Monday about his role in Edouard Balladur's 1995 presidential campaign after French newspaper Liberation linked Balladur's campaign to a deal selling submarines to Pakistan in return for funding.