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French press review 28 February 2015

Bowie gets an exhibition at Paris’s new concert hall. A Bangladeshi blogger is murdered. IS runs amok in a museum. French retirement homes’ prices come under fire.

African press review 25 February 2015

Nigeria’s opposition lashes Jonathan over continuing Boko Haram violence. A new crisis looms for Kenya’s education system. Kenyan corruption-watchers are accused of corruption.

French press review 23 February 2015

The spectre of right-wing extremism is rattling the bars on this morning's front pages.

French teacher on talking to students about Charlie Hebdo attacks
13/02/2015 - On-the-spot France

French teacher on talking to students about Charlie Hebdo attacks

After the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris in January some French schoolchildren refused to observe the nationwide minute of silence to commemorate the victims.
Education, education, education
07/02/2015 - The Sound Kitchen

Education, education, education

Feast your ears on listener Muhammad Punhal Khoso's "This I Believe" essay. All it takes is a little click on that “Listen” arrow above!

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe recently banned corporal punishment in schools
05/02/2015 - Report: Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean headmistress charged with murder after caning schoolboy

A school headmistress has appeared in court in Zimbabwe facing a murder charge after a pupil she caned later died.

African press review 28 January 2015

Lagarde warns that Africa’s economies could be hurt by a Chinese slowdown. SA’s electricity crisis sputters on. Nigeria has naira trouble.
The Sorbonne in Paris, one of Europe's oldest universities
27/01/2015 - France

Non-EU students should pay fees at French universities, report

A new study recommends that French universities ask non-EU students to pay the full cost of their courses, which are currently provided free for a small registration fee.


French press review 26 January 2015

Greece is the main story on the majority of this morning's French front pages.


French weekly magazines review 25 January 2015

Forgive me if you've been fed more than enough of this already, but "le plat du jour" - the dish of the day - in most of the French weeklies is again Islamist extremism, Jihadists and ...