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French weekly magazines review 25 January 2015

Forgive me if you've been fed more than enough of this already, but "le plat du jour" - the dish of the day - in most of the French weeklies is again Islamist extremism, Jihadists and ...
France's Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem
22/01/2015 - France

French values key to fight against radical islamism, Hollande tells teachers

In a bid to combat radical islamism following the recent terrorist attacks, French schools are being asked to do more to help young people understand the fundamental values and principles of the ...

French press review 22 January 2015

Today's French dailies all report the security measures French Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced on Wednesday.


French press review 21 January 2015

France tries to learn the lessons of the Charlie Hebdo killings. The paper has a new editor. A look at the latest conspiracy theories about the massacre.
French junior minister Annick Girardin opens an Ebola treatment centre in the Guinea town of  Macenta
20/01/2015 - Report: Guinea

Poor turnout as Guinea schools reopen after Ebola break

In Guinea-Conakry schools reopened on Monday after the government prolonged holidays due to the Ebola outbreak in the country.

African press review 31 December 2014

School league tables, fatwas and mining royalties all make the papers around Africa today.


French press review 31 December 2014

Population, hangovers, political party names and the euro - all in today's papers ...


French press review 30 December 2014

Injustices in French education, French cuisine influenced by EU regulations and the problem of homeless people in this cold weather...

French press review 15 December 2014

Former US president George W Bush and former vice president Dick Cheney are described as “Torturers”.

French weekly magazines review 14 December 2014

What’s wrong with France’s schools? Why is Europe’s own GPS satellite so slow to take off? Can a computer program predict the future?