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African press review 4 July 2015

Burundi continues to dominate the continental news agenda, with another death in clashes in Bujumbura and another crisis meeting of regional leaders.
Socialist activist and poet Shaimaa al-Sabbagh was taking flowers to the site of Tahrir Square killings when she was shot dead
03/07/2015 - Egypt

Coup, repression fail to stamp out Egyptian military's enemies

Friday 3 July marked the second anniversary of the military coup which toppled Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi.

African press review 3 July 2015

South Africa takes an interest in Lesotho's security. Boko Haram allegedly murders Muslims in north-east Nigeria. Burundi's election commission refuses to recognise an opposition boycott of polls.

African press review 1 July 2015

The debate continues in South Africa about whether a chicken coop and a swimming pool constitute security upgrades at Presedent Zuma's private home in KwaZulu Natal.
Press freedom demonstration in Cairo, February 2015.
26/06/2015 - Egypt

Unprecedented number of journalists behind bars in Egypt: watchdog

A report by the Committee to Protect Journalists has said that Egypt is currently imprisoning the highest number of journalists since it began recording data in 1990. The CPJ estimates that at least ...

African press review 12 June 2015

Things are not getting any easier for the collapsed African Bank. If South African President Jacob Zuma thinks we're going to forget about those security upgrades at Nkandla, he's wrong.

African press review 5 June 2015

Will the International Criminal Court investigate war crimes allegedly committed by Nigerian soldiers and police in the war against the Islamist insurgents of Boko Haram?

African press review 4 June 2015

The woes of Sepp Blatter and world football's governing body, Fifa, get front-page prominence in South Africa again. Timber from the DRC is being sold illegally.
Environment in Egypt series part 3/3
20/05/2015 - International report

Environment in Egypt series part 3/3

Egypt is largely desert, which presents farmers with the challenge of growing in dry conditions.

African press review 19 May 2015

The strike slowing construction work at a South African electricity plant appears to be losing steam. The African National Congress wants no truck with hostile journalists.