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Environment in Egypt series part 3/3
20/05/2015 - International report

Environment in Egypt series part 3/3

Egypt is largely desert, which presents farmers with the challenge of growing in dry conditions.

African press review 19 May 2015

The strike slowing construction work at a South African electricity plant appears to be losing steam. The African National Congress wants no truck with hostile journalists.
Environment in Egypt series part 2/3
19/05/2015 - International report

Environment in Egypt series part 2/3

In a city of 20 million people and with air pollution almost 20 times the acceptable international standard, the Egyptian capital Cairo, craves green spaces.
The mummy of Ta-Iset found in Rueil-Malmaison in 2001
18/05/2015 - EGYPT - FRANCE

Egyptian mummy found in trash to go on show in Paris suburb museum

A museum in a Paris suburb is to exhibit the mummy of a five-year-old ancient Egyptian girl that was found by refuse collectors after a local resident threw out with the garbage.

African press review 18 May 2015

The South African police start rounding up the usual suspects in the wake of recent violence against foreigners.
Environment in Egypt series part 1/3
18/05/2015 - International report

Environment in Egypt series part 1/3

Egypt is famously a dry place, with most of the country made up of desert.

African press review 16 May 2015

President Pierre Nkurunziza is reportedly back in Burundi but he's keeping a low profile.
A market in Angola
15/05/2015 - Africa

Africa to miss out on fall in food import prices

The UN’s Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) predicts that the world food import bill will fall to a five-year low. But not if you are a poor African, say economists.

The government of President Abdel-Fatah al-Sisi is under pressure.
12/05/2015 - Report: Egypt

Egypt minister quits after judge criticism

Egypt's Justice Minister quit on Monday, after sparking controversy by saying that "the son of a garbage collector cannot become a judge." Minister of Justice Mahfouz Saber drew criticism ...

African press review 9 May 2015

South Africa's national electricity company is fighting on two fronts. There's another suicide attack at a third-level college in Nigeria's north-east.