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Election results
23/07/2015 - Burundi

Burundi civil society won't recognise Nkurunziza's re-election, violence set to continue

Provisional results in Burundi’s controversial presidential elections are expected on Friday.
Turkey’s legislative elections, Mandela Day, and more
18/07/2015 - The Sound Kitchen

Turkey’s legislative elections, Mandela Day, and more

This week on The Sound Kitchen, you’ll hear the answer to the quiz about Turkey’s June legislative elections.
A cargo cult experience adds spiritual dimension to Vanuatu visit
09/05/2015 - The Club 9516 Sound Kitchen

A cargo cult experience adds spiritual dimension to Vanuatu visit

In this week's Sound Kitchen, RFI Traveller Laura Angela Bagnetto shares her encounters in the Pacific and, of course, you can hear news the quiz answer and winners.

Faure Gnassingbe waves to a crowd at a campaign rally in Tado, Togo, 13 April 2015
24/04/2015 - Togo

Togolese voters won't accept fraudulent election results, says opposition

Togo’s opposition warned on Friday that tampering with this weekend’s election results could trigger violence.
Anne Hidalgo elected to be first female mayor of Paris
30/03/2014 - France

Socialist Anne Hidalgo elected first female mayor of Paris

Anne Hidalgo, the leftist deputy of the outgoing mayor Betrand Delanoe, has been elected as Paris’ first female mayor in Sunday’s run-off vote, according to exit polls.

French socialists suffered major losses in Sunday's municipal elections.
30/03/2014 - France

French socialists hammered as far-right triumphs in key towns

France’s municipal elections amounted to a strong push back against the socialist government Sunday as the far-right National Front (FN) claimed control of at least two mid-sized towns, the ...
Bangladesh in crisis after violent general election
07/01/2014 - World news explained

Bangladesh in crisis after violent general election

In Bangladesh, the incumbent prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League won the controversial election on Sunday by a landslide.
07/10/2013 - France

Front National top, Left eliminated in southern French by-election

The Front National candidate comfortably scored the highest number of votes in a cantonal by-election on Sunday in the southern town of Brignoles, where the Socialist-backed candidate was ...
Frenchh President François Hollande in Japan last week
10/06/2013 - France

Right wins two French by-elections

France’s Socialist government suffered a setback in two by-elections this weekend.
18/06/2012 - Report: Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood secures presidency in early results, military seizes control

The Muslim Brotherhood has secured a marginal victory in Egypt’s presidential election after initial counts on Monday.