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France's Front National mayors, six months later
17/10/2014 - On-the-spot France

France's Front National mayors, six months later

Six months ago, France's hard-right Front National won control of 11 French local councils. Half a year on how are these mayors running their towns? Are they implementing the Front National's agenda?
France's former president Nicolas Sarkozy attends a political rally as he campaigns for the leadership of the UMP political party. September 2014.
16/10/2014 - France

Sarkozy calls for referendums on workfare, number of MPs in party leadership bid

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy continued his unofficial campaign to be reelected in 2017 with a proposal to organise three referendums - including one on making the unemployed work for ...

French press review 02 ctober 2014

France's Catholic daily looks back on a long career. The 2015 budget gets a mixed reception. Hong Kong's protests are analysed.

French press review 01 October 2014

This morning's front pages are not exactly joyous but Le Figaro gets the gloom and doom prize for its headline in reaction to the news that the French national debt has, for the first time in ...

French press review 30 September 2014

This morning's front pages are a strange mix. There’s concern on how social security cuts will affect families. Parents are anxious about their kids’ homework.

French press review 29 September 2014

The French Senate, family policy, the future of Air France, and Syria are this morning's front-page stories.

French senate
28/09/2014 - France

French senate expected to swing right in new blow for Hollande

France’s conservatives are headed into Sunday’s senate elections well positioned to win back a majority in the upper house of parliament, threatening another setback to President Francois ...

French press review 22 September 2014

The French front pages are coming down with a bad dose of the Nicolas Sarkozys this morning. The man is everywhere, and the tone is menacing, not to say martial.


French press review 20 September 2014

The national dailies are all buzzing about Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s ex-president who vowed to quit politics when he lost the 2012 election.

French press review 19 September 2014

This morning’s papers all report President François Hollande’s press conference in Paris on Thursday afternoon.