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EHS sufferers claim that mobile phones and other everyday gadgets seriously damage their health
27/08/2015 - FRANCE

French woman wins disability allowance for 'gadget allergy'

A French court has awarded a disability grant to a woman who describes herself as an "environmental refugee" because she claims to suffer from a debilitating allergy to electromagnetic ...
Young people are worst-hit by unemployment in France
25/06/2015 - FRANCE

French unemployment rises again, figures distorted claims minister

French unemployment rose to a new record again in May but, with figures distorted by an exceptional measure by labour exchanges, the government insists that statistics at the end of the year will ...
It was taxis v Uber in France Thursday
25/06/2015 - FRANCE

French taxi drivers block roads in strike against Uber

Main roads into Paris's airports and train stations had been cleared by 9.00am Thursday morning after a protest by taxi drivers caused major traffic disruption. French cab drivers staged a one-day strike

French mobile operators' logos
24/06/2015 - FRANCE

Bouygues defiant as markets punish Altice offer rejection

The boss of France's Bouygues conglomerate was defiant Wednesay as his company's shares slid following the rejection of a 10-billion-euro bid for its mobile telephone and cable arm from competitor ...
HSBC helped the wealthy dodge billions of euros in taxes
23/06/2015 - FRANCE

France nets record 20 billion euros from tax dodgers

France collected a record 19.3 billion euros from tax avoiders in 2014, officials announced on Tuesday. A further 852.6 million euros was collected from chasing up benefit fraud.
An Airbus factory
14/06/2015 - FRANCE - Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia to be first client for Airbus A330 Regional, report

Saudi Arabia is to be the first customer for European planemaker Airbus's A330 Regional medium-haul passenger jet, according to French business paper La Tribune.
Santé! - a flight of glasses for a red wine tasting
12/06/2015 - FRANCE

French MPs amend law on wine advertising

French MPs have sneaked an amendment making it easier to "give information" about wine into the Socialist government's latest economic package.
Job seeker at Pôle Emploi. File.
04/06/2015 - FRANCE

Jobless rate in France stays at 10% as Bank of France predicts growth

France’s central bank on Thursday predicted that French growth will accelerate over the next two years, although the country’s statistics office, Insee, recorded a still-high jobless rate ...
Unemployment in France fell in January 2015, for first time since August 2014.
02/06/2015 - France

Record unemployment in France for third consecutive month

The number of people seeking employment in France hit a record high in April, with 3.53 million out of a job.

French press review 26 May 2015

Spanish elections draw a lot of attention this morning, as French editors sift the results for lessons at local and European level.