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The Angolan capital, Luanda
14/04/2014 - France - Angola

Total to invest in Angola's ultra-deep Kaombo oilfield

French oil giant Total is to invest in Angola's Kaombo project after finding ways to cut costs of extracting ultra-deep offshore oil by a fifth, the firm announced on Monday.

Greenpeace activists with banner, Fessenheim, 18 March, 2014.
18/03/2014 - France

Greenpeace activists break into French nuclear plant

A group of Greenpeace activists broke into France’s oldest nuclear power plant early on Tuesday morning in a stunt intended to publicise alleged security faults at atomic facilities.

A hydraulic fracturing operation in Poland
13/03/2014 - France - US

French court bans US company Hess from drilling for fear of fracking

A French court has cancelled a drilling permit for US oil company Hess, despite the company's promise not to use the controversual method of fracking on the well.


French press review 11 March 2014

Thousands of French people face having their power cut off. A Nobel prizewinner condemns Japan's nuclear policy.

Areva boss Luc Oursel met Niger's President  Mahamadou Issoufou on Friday
08/03/2014 - Niger - France

'Significant advances' in Niger talks with French nuclear giant Areva

Niger's government and French nuclear giant Areva made "significant advances" in talks on Friday, both sides agreed after Areva boss Luc Oursel met President Mahamadou Issoufou along ...

Greenpeace protesters outside the Elysée Palace
19/02/2014 - France - Germany

Greenpeace dumps coal outside Elysée ahead of Franco-German summit

Environment campaigners Greenpeace dumped five tonnes of coal in front of the French presidential palace ahead of a Franco-German ministerial meeting.

Areva's site at Arlit in Niger
06/02/2014 - France - Niger

France admits Niger bid to up uranium levy legitimate

France has admitted that Niger's demand for more revenue from uranium mining on its soil is legitimate.

Shale gas extraction in Fort Worth, Texas, in the US
11/01/2014 - France - United Kingdom

France's Total invests in UK shale gas

French energy giant Total is to search for shale gas in the UK, even though its extraction, known as "fracking", is banned in France.


French press review 24 December 2013

It's all about Christmas in today's French newspapers, starting with the truth about Santa Claus … and that’s official!

Could France better recycle its organic waste to make Biogas energy?
05/12/2013 - On-the-spot France

Could France better recycle its organic waste to make Biogas energy?

The average French person produces about 375 kilos of waste each year. Once added to commercial and agricultural waste, that's a lot of trash!