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A General Electric factory
15/09/2015 - US - FRANCE - Hungary - CHINa

GE to transfer 400 jobs to France

Energy giant General Electric is to transfer 400 jobs in electric turbine production from the US to France and another 100 to Hungary and China, the company announced Tuesday.

10/09/2015 - France- Europe-USA-Italy

France to eliminate coal export credits ahead of COP21

The French government is to scrap export credits used for coal technology made by turbine maker Alstom before Paris hosts an international climate change conference (COP21) at the end of the ...
Areva, the former juggernaut of French industry, is now on the brink of collapse
30/07/2015 - France

Energy rivals bury fued as EDF buys out Areva

Atomic energy giant Areva on Thursday agreed to sell a majority stake of its nuclear reactor unit to electricity group EDF to overcome its economic woes.


Ecology Minister Ségolène Royal in the French National Assembly
23/07/2015 - France

Green growth energy law reduces France's nuclear dependence

The French parliament on Wednesday passed a "green growth" energy transition law that reduces the country's dependence on nuclear power by 25 per cent.

Africa's slow path to green energy
30/06/2015 - Spotlight on Africa

Africa's slow path to green energy

As the world scrambles to get ready for crunch climate talks at the end of the year, African leaders are gearing up to ensure Africa gets a fair deal.

Inside Areva's plant at La Hague, western France
07/05/2015 - France

French nuclear giant Areva to axe thousands of jobs

French nuclear giant Areva is to axe thousands of jobs in the next three years.
French President Francois Hollande is received in Riyadh by Saudi Arabia's King Salman, 4 May 2015
05/05/2015 - France - Saudi Arabia

Saudi eager to sign tens of billions in deals with France, says French foreign minister

Saudi Arabia’s new leaders hope to move quickly on deals with France worth tens of billions of euros, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Tuesday at the start of a two-day visit to ...
Italian Prime minister, Matteo Renzi, at the opening of the Milan Expo 2015, 1 May 2015
05/05/2015 - Italy

Milan Expo 2015 kicks off

As Expo 2015 kicked off in Milan last week, with this year's theme called "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life", the event is trying to highlight Italy's strengths in gastronomy.
The southern city of Aden has endured recent intense street battles, 29 April 2015
01/05/2015 - YEMEN

Yemenis in dire need of food, fuel and water as fighting intensifies

Russia called for an emergency UN Security Council meeting on Friday to address the spiralling humanitarian crisis in Yemen, which activists have described to RFI as extremely dire.

French startup, inspired by trees, finds energy in city wind gusts
30/03/2015 - Spotlight on France

French startup, inspired by trees, finds energy in city wind gusts

Where do ideas come from? For Jérôme Michaud-Larivière it came out of the air.