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A nuclear power station at Nogent-Sur-Seine, France
26/12/2015 - FRANCE

France to distribute iodine tablets near nuclear power stations

France's nuclear safety watchdog is to distribute iodine tablets to people living near the country's 19 nuclear power stations, warning that an accident is possible but not probable.
Olivier Petitjean shows Engie across from the French Environment Ministry at La Defense
03/12/2015 - France - Cop21

Business role in climate negotiations welcomed by some, questioned by others

In recent years, businesses have been indirectly part of the United Nations climate change conferences as observers or lobbyists.
Steam rises from the cooling towers of the Electricite de France (EDF) nuclear power station at Nogent-Sur-Seine, France.
03/12/2015 - France - Cop21

Nuclear is not so much a dirty word at Cop21, it can barely be heard

Nuclear is keeping a low profile at the Cop21 Climate Change conference at Le Bourget just outside Paris, where political goodwill, financing and energy solutions are key issues.
The Senegalese village of Niomoune
20/11/2015 - Senegal

Lighting African households with smartphones

Households in Senegal could soon be able to light their homes using their mobile phones.
09/11/2015 - Tanzania - Climate change

Solar energy lights the way for one forgotten Tanzanian village

The dusty village of Melela Mlandizi stands 45 kilometres outside of regional hub Morogoro, Tanzania.
Tanzania Environment series part 1/5
09/11/2015 - International report

Tanzania Environment series part 1/5

RFI's Laura Angela Bagnetto travelled to a village outside of the city of Morogoro to talk to residents about how one small, simple innovation has made a big change in their lives.

The former mine site of Loos-en-Gohelle has been turned into a centre of green innovation
04/11/2015 - Report: France

Green electricity and policies making inroads in ex-coal mining areas of northern France

France has long invested in nuclear energy, which makes it difficult for renewables to find funding or supporters. In northern France, with its legacy of coal mines, introducing sustainable policies and green energy is even more of a challenge.

French power company provides 100 per cent renewable electricity
02/11/2015 - Spotlight on France

French power company provides 100 per cent renewable electricity

The UN climate conference, to be hosted in Paris in December, has highlighted the effects of global warming around the world and what people are doing to stop it.
Wind power in Ethiopia
26/10/2015 - AFRICA

Young leaders tipped to be at core of Addis Ababa energy summit

To discuss major issues related to global energy use and production, decision makers from across the globe are set to meet at the World Energy Leaders’ Summit, in Addis Ababa, this week.
French NGO's gather outside France's National Assembly on 20 October, 2015.
20/10/2015 - France

Activists pressure Hollande on development aid cuts, as climate talks loom

Activists gathered outside the French Parliament on Tuesday to put pressure on the government to keep its promise on development aid. NGOs are furious after France's Budget commission proposed to slash 177 million euros from the 2016 Budget.