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Locquirec in Brittany
25/09/2014 - France

Frenchman damages two-billion-year-old rocks to have better view of sea

A resident of a seaside town in Brittany, western France, is being taken to court soon after taking a jackhammer to some two-billion-year-old rocks because they blocked his view of the English ...
 Amazon rainforest changes affect indigenous people's diet
25/09/2014 - International report

Amazon rainforest changes affect indigenous people's diet

If the Amazon rainforest is changing rapidly and seeing more diversity, one of the ways it is changing is in the diet of the indigenous peoples.

Demonstrators in New York on Sunday call for action on climate change
23/09/2014 - France - US - Climate change

France to give one billion dollars to UN’s green fund

France will contribute one billion dollars to the United Nations’ Green Climate Fund, President François Hollande announced at the opening of a heads-of-state summit in New York on ...

French press review 23 September 2014

Two very different types of menace dominate this morning's front pages. You can take your pick between global warming and Islamic State (IS) terrorism.

World leaders to discuss climate change challenge
23/09/2014 - International report

World leaders to discuss climate change challenge

Leaders from 120 countries join business and financial leaders on Monday at the United Nations in New York for Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's specially requested climate summit.

French press review 22 September 2014

The French front pages are coming down with a bad dose of the Nicolas Sarkozys this morning. The man is everywhere, and the tone is menacing, not to say martial.

A man tries to pump the water out of his apartment in Lamalou-les-Bains
18/09/2014 - France

Five dead as storms hit southern France

At least five people died when a river flooded a campsite in southern France on Thursday. Other people are reported missing or dead as storms hit much of the south of the country.
Inside a massive dairy farm, rotating giant milking platter where cows are held.
15/09/2014 - France

Protests against giant dairy farm intensify in northern France

Protests over 1,000-cow factory are intensifying in northern France where opponents from diverse background are now rallying. 

French encourage media to be actors of change
12/09/2014 - On-the-spot France

French encourage media to be actors of change

As the newsroom saying goes “If it bleeds, it leads”. Fear-based newsprogramming is popular and widespread but can the media take part in finding solutions to the world’s problems?
Spraying crops
11/09/2014 - France

French parliament votes restrictions on pesticides

The French parliament on Thursday backed a new agriculture bill which restricts the use of pesticides near schools but stops short of banning them in such areas completely.