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France and the world
A migrant child holds a balloon in Victoria Square in central Athens, Greece, 27 January, 2016
05/02/2016 - Greece - France - Germany

France, Germany call for fewer migrants from Turkey

The huge flow of migrants and refugees to Europe via Turkey must be slowed, the interior ministers of France and Germany said on Friday after inspecting registration facilities in Greece.
Biotrial's laboratory in Rennes, undated
05/02/2016 - FRANCE

"Major shortcomings" in French drug trial death lab: inquiry

An inquiry into the death of a man during a drug trial has found "three major shortcomings" at the French laboratory where he was being tested, the country's minister of health said on Thursday.

Airbnb employees at the company's Paris office in April, 2015
05/02/2016 - FRANCE

Airbnb pays city of Paris 1.2 million euros in tourist tax

The home rental web platform Airbnb, which last year agreed to start charging users in Paris a tourist tax, handed over nearly 1.2 million euros to city authorities in the last quarter of 2015, ...
General view of the National Assembly during a debate to extend a state of emergency, 19 November 2015
05/02/2016 - FRANCE

French MPs to debate post-attacks constitution changes

French lawmakers have begun debating proposals to change the constitution to strip dual nationals of their French citizenship in terrorism cases and enshrine in the text controversial measures put in ...
Unita chief Jonas Savimbi in December 1985
03/02/2016 - ANGOLA - FRANCE

Angolan rebel leader Savimbi's family sue Call of Duty makers in French court

The family of the late Angolan rebel leader Jonas Savimbi took the makers of the best-selling video game Call of Duty to court in France on Wednesday, claiming that it libels their father by portraying him as a "babarian".

The outbreak of the mosquito-borne Zika virus in Brazil began in April 2015
02/02/2016 - FRANCE – ZIKA

France’s Sanofi to search for Zika vaccine

French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi announced Tuesday it was launching a project to develop a vaccine for the Zika virus after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it to be a global health ...
A self-defence group on Kiev's Maidan Square in June 2014
02/02/2016 - FRANCE - RUSSIa -UKRAINE

Ukraine asks French TV channel not to show documentary on far-right militias

A French documentary on the influence of far-right militias in the Ukraine conflict has caused a storm with the Ukrainian embassy in France asking TV channel Canal+ not to broadcast it.
Front National vice-president Florian Philippot
02/02/2016 - FRANCE - QATAR - SYRIa

European parliament protects French Front National MEP from Qatar libel suit

The European parliament on Tuesday refused to suspend the parliamentary privilege of French Front National MEP Florian Philippot, thus blocking an attempt by the Gulf state of Qatar to sue him for ...
Residents in the Iraqi town of Sinjar after it was captured fom Islamixc State by Kurdish peshmerga
02/02/2016 - FRANCE - SYRIa

Six arrested in France for planning to join Syria jihadists

Five men and one woman were arrested near the central French city of Lyon on Tuesday, suspected of planning to go to join armed Islamists in Syria.
The outbreak of the mosquito-borne Zika virus in Brazil began in April 2015.
01/02/2016 - UNITED NATIONS - ZIKA

UN agency debates global health emergency over Zika

The World Health Organization (WHO) began deliberating on Monday whether to declare an international public health emergency over the outbreak of the Zika virus in Latin America.