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François Hollande

French press review 16 April 2014

Opinion polls are the thing this morning.

Aung San Suu Kyi in Paris with President François Hollande
16/04/2014 - France - Myanmar

Aung San Suu Kyi warns of Myanmar transition dangers on Paris visit

Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi called for international support as her country faces a "difficult period of transition" on a visit to Paris on Tuesday.


French press review 15 April 2014

Ukraine makes the front pages of Le Monde and Libération. Le Figaro falls out of love with Manuel Valls. La Croix looks at the church in Rwanda.

A pro-Russian gunman in Slaviansk, Ukraine
14/04/2014 - France - United Kingdom - Ukraine - Russia

Hollande, Cameron condemn Ukraine violence

French President François Hollande and British Prime Minister David Cameron have jointly condemned "violence" in Ukraine after pro-Russian rebels stormed government offices in ...


French press review 14 April 2014

Not everyone is keen on Valls's plan to streamline France's adminstration. The US and EU are worried about Ukraine. A survey calls for changes in global drug policy.

Prime Minister Manuel Vall's popularity soars past President Francois Hollande
13/04/2014 - France

Popularity of French President Hollande trails behind PM Valls

In terms of popularity, French President François Hollande and his new Prime Minister Manuel Valls are poles apart.


French weekly magazines review

Rwanda’s standoff with France over genocide charges, the challenges facing France's new Prime Minister Manuel Valls and a bestseller on the hidden life of Jesus hit the cover pages of the ...

Thousands marched against Hollande's austerity measures on April 12, 2014
13/04/2014 - France

French far-left march against 'right wing' Hollande

Far-left political parties and unions took to the streets of Paris Saturday to protest new austerity measures put forth by President François Hollande, who has seen his approval rating ...


French press review 12 April 2014

President François Hollande’s shattered image of normalcy, next week’s Algerian presidential elections and a Papal apology for paedophilia in the Catholic church dominate ...

If it's the boss, don't answer ... but only if your one 250,000 workers covered by the agreement
11/04/2014 - France - United Kingdom

No, it's not illegal to work after 6pm in France

Rumours that it is now illegal to work after 6pm in France are greatly exaggerated.