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François Hollande
Alexis Tsipras waves to supporters after winning the elections in Athens, 25 January 2015.
26/01/2015 - France - Greece

Hollande congratulates Tsipras on Greek election victory

French President Francois Hollande congratulated Alexis Tsipras on Monday on his radical left party Syriza's win and recalled "the friendship that unites France and Greece".

French President François Hollande paid tribute earlier this month to the three police officers killed in the attacks.
25/01/2015 - France

Hollande meets families of victims killed in French terrorist acts

French President François Hollande on Sunday met with the families of the 17 victims killed earlier this month during three days of terrorist attacks in Paris.


French weekly magazines review 25 January 2015

Forgive me if you've been fed more than enough of this already, but "le plat du jour" - the dish of the day - in most of the French weeklies is again Islamist extremism, Jihadists and ...
Bangui archbishop Dieudonné Nzapalainga, a key player in the release of Claudia Priest.
24/01/2015 - France - Central African Republic

French aid worker released in Central African Republic

French aid worker Claudia Priest has been released after being kidnapped on Monday in the Central African Republic, France’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Friday.

The late Saudi king Abdallah bin Abdelaziz al Saoud
23/01/2015 - France - Saudi Arabia - Philippines

Hollande to present condolences for Abdallah’s death on Saudi Arabia visit

French President François Hollande is to present his condolences for the death of King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia in person on a visit to the country, the Elysée presidential palace ...

French press review 22 January 2015

Today's French dailies all report the security measures French Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced on Wednesday.


French press review 21 January 2015

France tries to learn the lessons of the Charlie Hebdo killings. The paper has a new editor. A look at the latest conspiracy theories about the massacre.
François Hollande, 20 Jan 2015
20/01/2015 - France

France not insulting anyone, says Hollande after anti-Charlie Hebdo protests

French president François Hollande declared in a speech on Monday evening that France “was not insulting anyone when it defended its ideas”, in a reference to anti-Charlie Hebdo ...

French press review 20 January 2015

Recognising heros, Hollande's popularity boost, and propsed new economic reforms - all in today's papers ...

François Hollande visits Tulle, the town of which he used to be mayor, on Saturday
19/01/2015 - France

French leaders’ poll ratings soar after Charlie Hebdo attacks

French President François Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls have enjoyed a record leap in popularity in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, which sparked appeals for ...