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Front National
Front National founder Jean-Marie Le Pen arrives at the far-right party's headquarters in Nanterre on 4 May 2015, a day before he was suspended from the party
12/05/2015 - France

France's far-right Jean-Marie Le Pen to launch new political movement

Front National founder Jean-Marie Le Pen says he plans to create a new movement that will not compete with the far-right party which suspended him this month.


French weekly magazines review 10 May 2015

David Cameron's surprising victory in the British elections having come too late for the French magazines, the weekly publications seem to have struggled a bit to find something worth putting on ...
Béziers mayor Robert Ménard
06/05/2015 - FRANCE

French police question far-right mayor over counting Muslim pupils

French police questioned the far-right mayor of a southern French town on Wednesday after he said he had compiled a list of Muslim pupils in local schools.

French press review 6 May 2015

The French arms industry seems to be weathering the economic storm. A storm of a different kind is rattling the political teacups in the Le Pen household.
Jean-Marie Le Pen at Front National May Day, 1 May 2015.
05/05/2015 - France

Suspended from Front National, Jean-Marie declares war on Marine Le Pen

Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of France’s anti-immigration Front National party, has declared war on current party leader Marine Le Pen, his daughter, after he was suspended from the party ...
Jean-Marie Le Pen arrives to his party's headquarters, near Paris, 4 May 2015.
04/05/2015 - France

France's far-right Jean-Marie Le Pen to be sanctioned by his party

Former Front National leader Jean-Marie Le Pen appears on Monday before the party's top executive authority. Le Pen faces sanctions following his anti-Semitic comments last month.


French weekly magazines review 3 May 2015

Is “money curse” haunting UMP leader and ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy?
France's far-right National Front political party leader Marine Le Pen waves during her May Day speech in front of the Paris Opera
01/05/2015 - France

Le Pen's May Day speech clouded by Femen activists, family feud

France’s leadership has “unpinned the Islamic fundamentalist grenade,” the head of France's far-right Front National said in a May Day speech in central Paris Friday.


French press review 27 April 2015

A look back over three grim years of Socialist presidency is the main item on the front page at right-wing Le Figaro, while the weekend earthquake tragedy in Nepal and the difficulties facing ...

French weekly magazines review 19 April 2015

A family murder that never happened, a hard look at proposed reforms of the secondary school system, what happens to sacked government ministers and a posthumous book by Charb, one of the cartoonists ...