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Front National
Femen activists protest to disturb the Front National press conference in Paris
22/04/2014 - France

Femen disrupts far-right European Parliament election kick off

Bare-chested members of the activist group Femen crashed the far-right’s National Front press conference held today to launch their campaign for next month's European Parliament ...

Manuel Valls announces his economic package with his ministers standing by
17/04/2014 - France

Valls denies pay, benefit freeze are austerity package

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has denied that his freeze on benefits and public-sector pay are an "austerity package" but he faces criticism from the left of his party.


French press review 12 April 2014

President François Hollande’s shattered image of normalcy, next week’s Algerian presidential elections and a Papal apology for paedophilia in the Catholic church dominate ...

Front National leader Marine Le Pen
10/04/2014 - France

Front National's Le Pen can be called fascist, court rules

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has failed in a bid to prevent political opponents called her a "fascist".


French press review 9 April 2014

PSG gets a bad write-up. Manuel Valls gets a mainly good one. And the Catholic church debates how to handle its far-right fringe.

Front National leader Marine Le Pen
04/04/2014 - France

French far-right local councils to ban no-pork menus in schools

The 11 town councils won by France's Front National (FN) in last week's local elections are to refuse to serve no-pork menus in school canteens, party leader Marine Le Pen said on Friday.


French press review 31 March 2014

There's a horrible sense of déjà vu about this morning's front pages . . .

François Hollande.
31/03/2014 - Analysis: France

Why voters deserted Hollande and Socialists in French local elections

The huge swing to the right in what were supposed to be local elections was in reality an expression of huge dissatisfaction with the national government of president François Hollande and ...

French socialists suffered major losses in Sunday's municipal elections.
30/03/2014 - France

French socialists hammered as far-right triumphs in key towns

France’s municipal elections amounted to a strong push back against the socialist government Sunday as the far-right National Front (FN) claimed control of at least two mid-sized towns, the ...

Marine Le Pen (L) with the FN's leader in Hénin-Beaumont Steeve Briois
28/03/2014 - France

French far right hopes to take control of 15 town councils on Sunday

France's far-right Front National (FN) hopes to win control of 15 local councils in Sunday's second round of municipal elections, its leader, Marine Le Pen, said Friday.