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Front National
The approval rate of French President François Hollande has grown in the wake of November's deadly attacks in Paris.
24/11/2015 - FRANCE

Hollande’s post-attack boost not enough to rebuild support, polls show

French President François Hollande has seen a rise in popularity since this month’s deadly attacks in Paris, according to various polling institutes.
One of the "Air Cocaine" pilots, Pascal Fauret, at a press conference in Paris
10/11/2015 - FRANCE - dominican republic

MEP quits Front National accusing Marine Le Pen of treason

A French Euro-MP has quit the far-right Front National (FN), accusing party leader Marine Le Pen of betraying her father and party co-founder, Jean-Marie.

French press review 2 November 2015

There's plenty of variety on this morning's French front pages . . .

Thomas Fabius, the son of French Foreign minister Laurent Fabius, arriving at the Paris courthouse on June 1, 2011
30/10/2015 - France

Marine Le Pen calls for resignation of Foreign minister after son indicted

French Far-right leader Marine Le Pen has called on Foreign minister Laurent Fabius to resign, after his son was slapped an arrest warrant on Thursday for writing bad checks at a Las Vegas casino.

A file picture taken on November 2, 2005 shows a policeman in front of a burning car in the northern Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois, after police clashed with angry youths, on October 2, 2005
26/10/2015 - France

French government tries to conquer suburbs ten years after riots

A fleet of government cars pulled up outside the run-down estates of Mureaux on the outskirts of Paris on Monday, on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the worst rioting in the history of France's suburbs.


French press review 23 October 2015

Do migrants pose a real risk to European stability? Is Hungarian Prime Ministrer and fence builder Viktor Orban the only politician reacting to the crisis with honesty and common sense?
French National Front political party leader Marine Le Pen arrives in court to face charges of making anti-Muslim remarks for her comparison of street prayers to a wartime Nazi occupation, in Lyon, France, October 20, 2015.
20/10/2015 - France

Marine Le Pen soon off the hook for anti-Muslim remarks? Not free speech

French prosecutors have asked for the far-right leader to be acquitted on charges of inciting racial hatred.
Front National treasurer Wallerand de Saint-Just in RFI's studios
22/09/2015 - FRANCE

Front National treasurer charged in election expenses fraud case

The treasurer of France's Front National (FN) has been charged in relation to claims that the far-right party inflated campaign expenses so as to defraud the French state.
Migrants arrested by Hungarian police after having broken through the fence erected along the border with Serbia
16/09/2015 - FRANCE - European Union - Syria

French MPs debate Syrian refugees as Germany tightens border with Alsace

Germany on Wednesday stepped up controls on its border with France, as the Europe's migrant crisis deepened.
The photo at the centre of the row between AFP and Béziers mayor Robert Ménard
16/09/2015 - FRANCE

News agency sues far-right French mayor over refugee photo

The Agence France Press news agency on Tuesday filed a suit against the far-right mayor of the southern French city of Béziers, Robert Ménard, and city officials for wrongly using a ...