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Front National
Front National leader Marine Le Pen
29/08/2015 - FRANCE

Marine Le Pen calls for end to legal immigration to France

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has called for an end to all immigration to France, legal and illegal.
Jean-Marie Le Pen has been stripped of his membership, but will make a formal appeal
21/08/2015 - FRANCE

Mixed reactions after French Front National kicks out party founder

A day after Jean-Marie Le Pen was stripped of his membership by the National Front’s executive committee, members and experts comment on how this will affect the future of the party, especially ...

French press review 21 August 2015

Redemption, compassion and misery are some of the themes inside this morning's papers, as hopes are pinned on Usain Bolt to lift Athletics out of its drug scandal, and more compassion is urged for ...
Jean-Marie Le Pen (R) and his wife Jany (L) arrive with his lawyer Frederic Joachim arrive at the special Front National executive committee meeting
20/08/2015 - FRANCE

Jean-Marie Le Pen tells Front National leaders they have no right to expel him

Veteran French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen faced expulsion or suspension from the party he helped found at a special disciplinary meeting of the leadership of the Front National (FN)


French press review 20 August 2015

The Le Pen family feud tops the French papers as Jean-Marie Le Pen goes before the far-right Front National's executive bureau today for possible expulsion.
Jean-Marie Le Pen at a court hearing in June
19/08/2015 - FRANCE

Jean-Marie Le Pen demands Front National expulsion take place in public

Historic French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen faces expulsion from the party he cofounded on Thursday at a special executive meeting of the Front National (FN).
Family fued between Jean-Marie Le Pen and daughter Marine, creates tensions within the Front National party
10/08/2015 - France

Jean-Marie Le Pen slams daughter Marine as 'unfit' for President

The family feud between the far-right Front National leader, Marine Le Pen, and her father, Jean-Marie, deepend this weekend, with the latter saying his daughter is 'neither ethically nor ...
Jean-Marie Le Pen at the High Court of Nanterre, 12 June
28/07/2015 - FRANCE

French court confirms ruling to reinstate Jean-Marie Le Pen

A French court has confirmed a ruling suspending a vote by far-right Front National (FN) members who had hoped to strip the party's long-time leader Jean-Marie Le Pen of his title of honorary president.


French press review 23 July 2015

Should French farmers be satisfied with the 600 million euros in emergency aid offered yesterday by the government?

French weekly magazines review 19 July 2015

The Greek tragi-comedy dominates the cover stories for yet another week, after Alexis Tsipras' unbelievable volte-face allowing Europe to apply the austerity programme he asked the Greek people to ...