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UNESCO says the Tomb of Askia in Gao is in a poor state of disrepair.
16/02/2014 - Mali

Race to repair Malian heritage site before rainy season

The United Nation’s cultural agency UNESCO has told RFI of an urgent need to preserve the Tomb of Askia in northern Mali before the rainy season starts in June.

Islamist extremists fire shells on Gao in Mali
08/10/2013 - African news explained

Islamist extremists fire shells on Gao in Mali

Armed Islamist extremists have fired shells on Gao, the main town in northern Mali. Witnesses say the shells came from a place called Bourem, north of the city.

07/03/2013 - Mali - France - Chad

French defence minister on surprise visit to north Mali

French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian visited the “last bastions” Islamist militias in northern Mali on a surprise visit Thursday.

06/03/2013 - Mali - France

Fourth French soldier killed in Mali, Sarkozy criticises intervention

A fourth French soldier has been killed in Mali during a reconnaissance mission near the main city in the north, Gao.

06/03/2013 - Report: France - Mali

Mali's desert sounds saved by sim card

Christopher Kirkley went to the north of Mali three years ago and came back with music taken from sim cards.

01/03/2013 - Mali - France

Dozens of Islamists rounded up in Mali, DNA tests on corpse of possible Aqim leader

French and Malian troops have rounded up about 50 suspected Islamist fighters on an island near north Mali’s main town, Gao.

21/02/2013 - France - Mali

Fighting in Gao, car bomb in Kidal, Mali conflict continues

Heavy fighting has broken out in the centre of Gao, the largest town in northern Mali. A car bomb in the northern Mali town of Kidal has killed one person and injured another, according to a ...

09/02/2013 - Mali - France

Two suicide bombers stopped in north Mali after Islamist suicide attack in Gao

Villagers in north Mali arrested two young men with explosives strapped to their bodies on Saturday, witnesses report.

07/02/2013 - Mali - France

UN considers French request to take over Mali intervention force

France has asked the UN to take rover the command of forces in Mali as Paris prepares to start pulling its troops out next month.

06/02/2013 - Mali - France

French, Malian troops clash with Islamists around Gao

French and Malian troops suffered casualties in clashes with Islamist fighters near northern Mali’s main town, Gao, Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Wednesday.