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Gay marriage
French Catholics use social media to preach, organise
19/03/2014 - On-the-spot France

French Catholics use social media to preach, organise

Catholics around the world this week have been marking the first anniversary Pope Francis' election.

The atni-gay marriage Manif Pour Tous demonstrations continue in February this year
05/03/2014 - France

French police tried to recruit immigrant as anti-gay marriage protest informer, report

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls has ordered an inquiry into charges that police threatened to hold up an 18-year-old Russian student's French citizenship unless she informed on anti-gay ...

13/02/2014 - France

Sales of children's book soar after right-winger's TV attack

Sales of a children's book have soared after a right-wing politician slammed it on television. More than 1,200 copies of Tous à poil!

Michelle Obama, François Hollande and Barack Obama at the White House dinner on Tuesday
12/02/2014 - Analysis: France - US

New best friends? Hollande White House visit seals change in France-US relations

As has been widely remarked, François Hollande travelled to the US alone this week.


French weekly magazines review

The government's latest clmibdown is greeted with derision. The French new right flexes its muscles. The justice minister is accused of political victimisation. And all you've ever ...

Manif Pour Tous, Paris, 2 February 2014.
03/02/2014 - Analysis:France

Analysis: Worries grow over protests and divisions in France

The day after major demonstrations in Paris and Lyon, by the Manif Pour Tous movement Interior minister Manuel Valls appeared keen to reassure protestors.

Part of the crowd on Sunday's Manif pour Tous demonstration in Paris
02/02/2014 - Analysis: France

French right on offensive against 'familyphobe' Hollande government

France's anti-gay marriage campaigners hoped to revive their movement on Sunday with a demonstration against two measures the government is not proposing and a theory that does not exist.

French Education Minister Vincent Peillon
29/01/2014 - France

French schools face boycott over 'gender theory' scare

The French government is fighting to break a school boycott by parents convinced that their children are being taught masturbation and a non-existent "gender theory" as part of an effort ...

Producer Paul Williams accepts the award for Album of the year for Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories", at the 56th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, 26 January 2014.
27/01/2014 - France - United States

French electro duo Daft Punk win big at the Grammys

French electro duo Daft Punk won record of the year at the US Grammy award ceremony in Los Angeles, where they were also named best artist.


"Day of Rage" protest in Paris

A “Day of Rage” protest against French President François Hollande gathered thousands of people in Paris on Sunday. Organizers say 160,000 people took part in the event.