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Gay rights
A protest against medically assisted procreation  in 2014
27/01/2016 - France

French woman tried for fraud in surrogate case

A French court is trying a woman on charges of defrauding two gay couples who hired her as a surrogate mother, a practice that is illegal in France.
French Health minister Marisol Touraine, File March 2015.
04/11/2015 - France

France lifts ban on gay men donating blood

The French Health ministry announced on Wednesday the lifting of the ban on homosexual blood donors.
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari arrives Washington DC shaking hand with spokesman Shehu Garba
20/07/2015 - Nigeria - United States

Nigerian anti-gay activists fear Obama pressure on Buhari during US visit

Nigerian opponents of gay rights vowed to defend the country’s anti-gay laws as President Muhammadu Buhari met his United States counterpart Barack Obama in Washington DC on Monday.
Kampala women protest ban on mini-skirts
25/05/2015 - Uganda

Uganda performer faces 10-year jail sentence under new anti-porn law

Ugandan pop singer Jemimah Kansiime, 21, is facing 10 years in jail under Uganda’s Anti-Pornography Law for a racy music video on YouTube.
Pope Francis leads the ceremony for the canonisation of four nuns at Saint Peter's square in the Vatican City
17/05/2015 - vatican - PALESTINE - FRANCE

Pope canonises French nun despite stand-off over gay ambassador nomination

Pope Francis canonised a 19th-century French nun, along with two Palestinians and an Italian, on Sunday.
Robbie Rogers in a press conference for the US national team in 2009
10/05/2015 - sports

Homophobia widespread in team sports, international survey shows

Homophobia in sports remains a rampant obstacle on the field, in schools and for spectators across the English-speaking world, a new international survey found on Sunday.
The Vatican has dragged its feet in approving the gay ambassador picked by French President François Hollande
15/04/2015 - France - Vatican

Gay envoy to Vatican 'remains the French proposal', says government spokesman

France says it will stand by its choice to send a gay diplomat to the Vatican, which has dragged its feet in approving the envoy.

Life in Beirut series part 2/5
07/04/2015 - International report

Life in Beirut series part 2/5

Widely seen as a liberal enclave in an otherwise conservative Arab world, gay and lesbian people in Lebanon enjoy a number of freedoms unheard of in most other countries in the region.
Sex and the City of Nairobi: One positive transgender story
01/04/2015 - International report

Sex and the City of Nairobi: One positive transgender story

As the third and final part of our series 'sex and the city' which looks at sexuality in Kenya, RFI spoke to a couple that left Uganda to make a new start in Nairobi.

Sex and the City of Nairobi: Looking up for LGBTIs
31/03/2015 - International report

Sex and the City of Nairobi: Looking up for LGBTIs

As part of Sex and the City, a series on sexuality in Nairobi, RFI spoke to members of Nairobi’s gay and lesbian community.