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Gay rights

African press review 28 February 2014

Nigeria is reeling from Boko Haram violence. François Hollande and other European leaders promise solidarity.


African press review 26 February 2014

European countries are angry about Uganda’s anti-gay law. SA growth slows for third year in a row as an election looms. Kenyan MPs demand more money. Mobile banking means more fraud.


African press review 5 February 2014

Police examine what they seized in Mombasa mosque raid. Kenya's Anglican archbishop is worried about gays. Kenyatta's ICC case takes a new turn. A Ugandan judge lashes the attorney general.

Trademark flag of the Manif Pour Tous movement, Paris, 2 February, 2014
04/02/2014 - France

French PM's postponement of family bill provokes anger among ruling Socialists and Greens

There is anger among some members of France’s ruling coalition parties following the news that the government is to shelve plans for a new Family Law until, at the earliest, 2015.


African press review 31 January 2014

Kenya's on alert for al-Shebab attacks. British archbishops criticise Uganda's and Nigeria's anti-gay laws.


African press review 20 January 2014

A strike in the mining sector in South Africa, religious leaders support the anti-gay law in Nigeria and Kenyan Deputy President Ruto's ICC trial set to resume in The Hague dominate the front ...

Allegations against the Nigerian police in relation with the anti-gay law
20/01/2014 - African news explained

Allegations against the Nigerian police in relation with the anti-gay law

Canada has cancelled a state visit by the Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan citing its disapproval of Nigeria's decision to enact a Same Sex Marriage Prohibition law last week.

Bruno Boileau (R) and Vincent Autin (L) become France's first gay married couple in Montpellier in May
14/01/2014 - France

France celebrates 7,000 gay marriages since law passed in April 2013

About 7,000 gay marriages have been celebrated in France since same-sex marriage was made legal, in defiance of massive protests against the plan, in April.


African press review 13 January 2014

The ANC's 2014 election manifesto, funding stalls power project in Zimbabwe and the military intervention in South Sudan are all topics in today's African papers.

Stockholm opens Europe's first retirement home for gays
09/01/2014 - International report

Stockholm opens Europe's first retirement home for gays

A group of seniors in Sweden spent the Christmas-New Year holidays in a new home.