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French soldiers in Rwanda, ten days after the start of Operation Turquoise.
19/10/2015 - RWANDA - FRANCE

Further call on the French government to release archives dating back to the Rwandan genocide

Anti-racist groups in France held talks at the French Senate to call on the government to release archives dating back to the Rwandan genocide.
Rwandan President Paul Kagame lights the flame at the genocide memorial in Kigali in April 2015.
15/09/2015 - FRANCE - RWANDA

French court blocks Rwanda genocide suspect extradition

A French court has said no to the extradition of a Rwandan genocide suspect, accused of inciting the murder of monks in the monastery where he worked.
Rwandan President Paul Kagame at the 21st anniversary commemoration of the genocide in Kigali this year
19/08/2015 - FRANCE - RWANDA

French prosecutors fail to prove genocide charges against Rwandan priest

French public prosecutors have called for charges to be dismissed in the case of a Catholic priest accused of taking part in Rwanda's 1994 genocide, 21 years after they started investigating the ...
1915: our wounds are still open
09/07/2015 - World music matters

1915: our wounds are still open

Armenian jazz pianist Tigran Hamasyan has had a huge career in the U.S. but two years ago he felt the need to return home.
File photo (2001) of Col Emmanuel Karenzi Karake, in Pweto, Rwanda with UK Col British Army Colonel Simon Caraffi (r)
23/06/2015 - Rwanda

Rwanda reacts to UK arrest of top spy chief Karake: “lunacy”

Rwanda’s foreign minister reacted swiftly on social media on Tuesday, saying the arrest of the director general of Rwanda’s National Intelligence and Security service was ...
Turkey and Pope Francis do not see eye-to-eye
23/05/2015 - The Sound Kitchen

Turkey and Pope Francis do not see eye-to-eye

This week on The Sound Kitchen, you’ll hear the answer to the question about Turkey’s ambassador to the Vatican.
The plight of the Batwa, 21 years after the Rwandan genocide
12/05/2015 - Spotlight on Africa

The plight of the Batwa, 21 years after the Rwandan genocide

The Rwandan government continues to promote its "Everybody is Rwandan" policy 21 years after the genocide, in which some 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed in the span of 100 ...

French press review 25 April 2015

The French press has robust coverage of Africa, including the anti-xenophobic rallies in South Africa, the high-tension presidential elections in Togo, political unrest in Guinea and revelations that ...

French press review 24 April 2015

The French press takes on a duty of remembrance as Armenians mark 100 years since the Ottoman World War I genocide.
French President Francois Hollande was joined by his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic at a ceremony in Yerevan commemorating the Ottoman massacres, 24 April 2015.
24/04/2015 - France - Armenia - Turkey

Turkey should share Armenia's grief, recognise genocide: French president

French President Francois Hollande has urged Turkey to recognise as genocide the Ottoman empire’s massacre of Armenians during World War I.