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Goodluck Jonathan

African press review 09 October 2014

Kenyatta returns home after ICC trip, Nigeria accuses South Africa of blocking a legal arms purchase and uncertainty over South Africa's mining laws dominate the front page stories of African ...

African press review 20 June 2014

The Nigerian press is furious about the federal government’s dropping of criminal proceedings against former president Sani Abacha' son, Mohammed, accused of stealing two billion euros during ...

African press review 4 June 2014

Al-Sisi's declared the winner in Egypt. The SA economy is not doing that badly, a banker claims. Nigeria's new central bank governor will have a tough job defending the naira.

African press review 3 June 2014

Egypt’s top women’s rights official throws out EU observers, the AU congratulates Malawi, Nigeria’s still grappling with Boko Haram, SA platinum bosses’ offer may not end ...

African press review 2 June 2014

Nigeria and Boko Haram, politics in Malawi and South Africa's government reshuffle are among the topics in the papers today ..


African press review 30 May 2014

Morsi supporters demonstrate after Egypt's presidential election. Confusion reigns in Malawi. Nigeria celebrates democracy. And Rwanda joins African Big Brother.


French press review 29 May 2014

Only three papers to hand this bank holiday morning and the news is anything but festive.


French weekly magazines review 18 May 2014

The French magazines sprang up in arms this week after last week’s virtual silence despite the international indignation about Boko Haram’s plans to sell the 276 girls kidnapped from a ...
A demonstration in Lagos demands the return of the kidnapped schoolgirls
12/05/2014 - France - Nigeria

France hopes to host summit on kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls

Paris hopes to host a summit of African leaders on efforts to find the 223 Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by the Islamist Boko Haram group, French President François Hollande announced on ...