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Migrants talk with a UNHCR member after disembarking at the Sicilian harbour of Catania, southern Italy, May 5, 2015.
27/05/2015 - FRANCE - European Union - Eritrea - Syria

EU wants France to take in 9,000 asylum seekers

The European Union (EU) wants France to take in 9,127 asylum-seekers as part of a plan to take the pressure off Greece and Italy, where some 40,000 refugees from Syria and Eritrea have already ...
French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin  on 19 May
26/05/2015 - France - Germany - United Kingdom

Merkel, Hollande defy Cameron with EU convergence plan

French President François Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are on collision course with David Cameron, according to French newspaper Le Monde.

French press review 25 May 2015

The decline in the active membership of French political parties has Le Monde worried. Only the far-right Front National has been able to reverse the trend.
French Minister of Finance Michel Sapin, Brussels, Belgium, 7 May 2015.
14/05/2015 - France- Europe

France outperforms with strongest growth in nearly two years

European Union data released on Wednesday shows a surprisingly strong performance in France as growth picked up to 0.6 per cent in the first quarter of 2015.

Angela Merkel and Alexis Tsipras in Berlin in March
11/05/2015 - Greece

Greece financial worries growing as repayment deadlines loom

Greece has to repay another 750 million euros to its creditors on 12 May. After that, the country still has to cough up 11.5 billion euros in bonds and refinance another 10.6 billion in treasury bills, as it hopes its reform plans will finally release the remaining 7.2 billion euros in its EU-IMF bailout.


French press review 29 April 2015

Anger at the means being deployed to rescue foreign climbers in Nepal, anger at police violence in the United States, Chinese economic problems, Greek debt and the way Jean-Marie Le Pen has put his ...

French press review 28 April 2015

French unemployment rises past 3.5 million, Nepal waits in the ruins for international aid to arrive, the Greek government softens its negotiating team with its creditors and Libération ...
Migrants arriving in Italy after being rescued on 20 April 2015
20/04/2015 - European Union

UN calls on Europe to act to end migrant drowning tragedies

Europe can prevent further tragedies like the deaths of 700 migrants in the Mediterranean on Sunday, a UN refugee agency official has told RFI, as European foreign and interior ministers met in ...
Some of the 28 rescued migrants arrive in Catania in Sicily
20/04/2015 - FRANCE - European Union

France joins pressure for action over Mediterranean migrant shipwrecks

French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius cut short a trip to the US on Monday to attend a meeting with his European counterparts in Luxembourg to discuss the EU's reaction to the sinking of migrant boats in the Mediterranean


French press review 18 April 2015

The future of democracy in Europe is threatened by the Greek debt crisis, all is not well in the world of big business and things are not getting any better for President François Hollande, ...