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Ten people, including three French sports stars, were killed during the filming of a reality show in Argentina
22/03/2015 - France

Bodies of French sports stars killed in helicopter crash arrive in Paris

The coffins of yachtswoman Florence Arthaud, Olympic champion swimmer Camille Muffat and boxer Alexis Vastine, along with those of five crew members, arrived on Sunday morning at the Charles De ...
The suviving athletes and crew leave Villa Union for Buenos Aires
13/03/2015 - France - Argentina

French sport stars return home after Argentine helicopter tragedy

French sports stars and crew from the reality TV show 'Dropped' returned home from Argentina on Saturday as experts investigate the helicopter crash that killed 10 people, including three French ...
Experts from France's BEA air accidents agency examine the wreckage of one of the helicopters that crashed in Argentina Monday
12/03/2015 - France - Argentina

French coroners to help Argentina identify helicopter crash victims’ bodies

French coroners are to help their Argentine colleagues to identify the badly burned bodies of the victims of Monday’s helicopter crash in which three top French sports stars were among the 10 ...
Argentine experts examine the wreckage at the scene of the crash on Tuesday 10 March
11/03/2015 - France

Experts probe Argentine helicopter crash, French witnesses to be questioned

The surviving participants and crew of the French reality TV show Dropped were waiting to be questioned by Argentine investigators over the helicopter crash that killed 10 people, after emergency ...
The eight athletes taking part in the TV reality show Dropped in Buenos Aires on Friday
10/03/2015 - France - Argentina

French experts leave for Argentina as recovery teams arrive at helicopter crash scene

French aviation experts left for Argentina on Tuesday to join the inquiry into the helicopter crash that cost the lives of 10 people, including three French sporting stars.
The scene of the crash at Villa Castelli, north Argentina, on 9 March 2015
10/03/2015 - France - Argentina

‘France in mourning’ after top athletes killed in Argentina helicopter crash

“All France is in mourning,” Prime Minister Manuel Valls declared on Tuesday after the death of three French Olympic athletes and five other French nationals in a helicopter crash during ...
A helicopter landing in the South-Kivu region in DR Congo in November 2014.
30/11/2014 - FRANCE - BURKINA FASO

French soldier dies in helicopter accident in Burkina Faso

A French special forces commando has died in Burkina Faso during a training flight, the French defence ministry announced Sunday.


French press review 08 October 2014

The French budget bust continues to make front-page news as a confrontation with the European Commission appears to be on the cards. And Nicolas Sarkozy faces yet more corruption accusations.

The château of Montbéliard
02/10/2014 - France - Switzerland

Five Swiss die in French helicopter crash

Five people died and two more were injured when a helicopter crashed in the garden of a house near the Swiss border on Thursday morning.

The European consortium is based near Toulouse in France
13/05/2014 - France

Airbus profits leap

Airbus Group on Tuesday reported that it had almost doubled its quarterly net profit, after a rise in sales driven by helicopters.