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The Calypso docked in the Britain harbour of Concarneau
08/01/2016 - France

Cousteau’s iconic ship Calypso to sail again

Captain Cousteau’s famous vessel the Calypso will be getting a new life in 2016, after being abandoned nearly for 10 years in a Brittany harbour.

The world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral seen from the Pont des Arts, part of Paris's architectural heritage
22/10/2015 - France

Paris world's best place to live, study finds

A Japanese research institute has named Paris the world's most livable and accessible city.
Morocco's cultural heritage series, Part 1/4
03/08/2015 - International report

Morocco's cultural heritage series, Part 1/4

In Morocco successive civilisations and colonisations have left the country with a myriad of different languages that still permeate the population. The majority of people speak more than one ...
The face of a young woman was one of the ancient images found at Arles in the south of France
10/07/2015 - France

Rare ancient Roman frescos found in south of France

Extremely rare ancient Roman frescos, comparable to those found in the Villa of Mysteries in Pompeii, have been uncovered in the historic southern French city of Arles.
Corks popped and glasses clinked in Champagne and Burgundy this weekend
05/07/2015 - FRANCE

Unesco puts Champagne, Burgundy wine regions on world heritage list

French ministers and winemakers were popping the champagne corks this weekend after the UN's cultural arm, Unesco, declared the sparkling wine region part of the world's heritage, along with ...
The Sacré Coeur in Paris is visited by more tourists than the Louvre
20/04/2015 - FRANCE

Paris to spend 80 million euros on restoring churches

Paris is to invest 80 million euros in restoring its churches and synagogues, a figure that religious heritage professionals say is nowhere near enough.

The boat was taken in 2007 to the Piriou Shipyard
12/03/2015 - France

French shipyard threatens to sell Calypso in Cousteau heritage row

The fate of the Calypso, the boat in which the celebrated French marine explorer Jacques Cousteau sailed the world, is uncertain

France's historical monuments hold annual open days
19/09/2014 - On-the-spot France

France's historical monuments hold annual open days

The European Council adopted France's Heritage Days in 1991.
A painting of horses from the Grotte Chauvet
22/06/2014 - France - Unesco

French cave with world’s oldest paintings placed on Unesco World Heritage list

A French cave containing the oldest known paintings in the world has been declared a World Heritage Site but the UN’s cultural arm, Unesco.
Zimbabwe's Mugabe swears in loyalist cabinet
13/09/2013 - African news explained

Zimbabwe's Mugabe swears in loyalist cabinet

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has picked his new cabinet, leaving many questions regarding the future of the country, including who will suceed the 89-year-old.