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Writer and explorer Thierry Jamin on expedition in the Megantoni National Park
15/04/2014 - Interview: Peru - France

French explorer launches search for Inca lost city

A French explorer is planning to search for a lost Incan city reputed to hold vast treasure.

The hotel Lutetia, à Paris
14/04/2014 - France

Landmark Paris hotel closes for three-year renovation

Paris's landmark art déco hotel, Le Lutetia, closed on Monday for renovations that will take three years and cost nearly 100 million euros.

Adolf Hitler with French Vichy government leader Philippe Pétain in 1940
14/04/2014 - France - Germany

Nazi memorabilia auction cancelled after French minister, Jewish groups protest

A French auction house has scrapped a sale of objects that belonged to Nazi leaders Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering after Culture Minister Aurélie Flipetti joined Jewish groups in calling ...

Jews being transported to the concentration camps in 1942
09/04/2014 - France - United States

French rail company can bid for Maryland contract after Holocaust bill falls

France's state-owned rail company, the SNCF, is free to bid for a contract three-billion-dollar contract in the US state of Maryland after a bill aiming to block it because of its role in the ...

The French historian Jacques Le Goff in 1988
01/04/2014 - France

Influential French historian Jacques Le Goff dies aged 90

Frenchman Jacques Le Goff, one of the most influential medieval historians of modern times, died in Paris on Tuesday aged 90.

The guillotine awaiting auction in Nantes
25/03/2014 - France

Working French guillotine expected to fetch thousands at auction

A 19th century guillotine, still in perfect working order, is to be auctioned in France on Thursday and is expected to fetch up to 60,000 euros.

Russia’s historical relationship with Crimea
13/03/2014 - World news explained

Russia’s historical relationship with Crimea

Russia’s intervention in the Ukrainian region of Crimea has been making headlines all over the world.

Don't call me fascist - Front National leader Marine Le Pen
07/03/2014 - France

Front National's Le Pen sues left-winger for calling her fascist

A leading French left-winger was in court on Thursday to defend his right to call far-right leader Marine Le Pen a "fascist".

A labourers' camp at Mayumbe during the construction of the Congo-Ocean railway line
26/02/2014 - France - Congo

Anti-racists take France to court over colonial-era Congo forced labour

A coalition of black rights groups is suing the French state and a construction company for crimes against humanity over the use of forced labour to build a railway line in Congo in the 1920s.

Francois Hollande speaks at the homage to the resistance where he made the Panthéon announcement at the Mont Valérien memorial in Suresnes
21/02/2014 - France

Not enough - French feminists react to women resistance fighters in Panthéon

François Hollande's nomination of two women to France's Panthéon is not enough, feminists told RFI on Friday after the French president announced that the ashes of three resistants ...