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WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury poses with his belts.
09/12/2015 - Boxing

World heavyweight champ Tyson Fury stripped of title

British heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has been stripped of one his world titles, less than two weeks after winning it.
Church’s synod to talk about homosexuality, stirring up debate among Christians
19/10/2015 - Spotlight on France

Church’s synod to talk about homosexuality, stirring up debate among Christians

Just a few hours before the opening of the annual synod event during which the Pope gathers his high-ranking bishops from the Catholic Church from all over the world to discuss and decide on new ...
Sabrina Hout
29/09/2015 - France

Marseille official sentenced for refusing to perform same-sex marriage

A Marseille court has handed a five-month suspended sentence to a city official who refused to marry two women. The case is the first since France legalised same-sex marriage in 2013.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls (L) and Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve present the anti-racism plan in Créteil on Friday
17/04/2015 - FRANCE

France to devote 100 million euros to fight against anti-Semitism, racism

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Friday pledged 100 million euros to finance a plan to fight racism and anti-Semitism, three months after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.

French press review 15 December 2014

Former US president George W Bush and former vice president Dick Cheney are described as “Torturers”.
Front National  vice-president Florian Philippot
13/12/2014 - France

Front National deputy leader sues magazine over ‘gay partner’ photos

The deputy leader of France’s Front National is to take Closer magazine to court for printing photos it implies prove he is gay.

French press review 13 December 2014

Should politicians be outed? Is French artistic production under threat? How do France’s letters get delivered? And is homework good for school students?

The Femen protest in Notre-Dame Cathedral
10/09/2014 - France

Femen protesters let off by Paris court over Notre Dame topless protest

Nine members of the breast-baring feminist movement Femen have been declared not guilty of causing wilful damage to a bell in Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral

'Some Ugandans are gay. Get over it!' A gay activist celebrating the annulment of Uganda's anti-gay law, Entebbe, 9 August 2014
14/08/2014 - Uganda - Interview

Don’t tamper with Uganda’s children, says MP backing new anti-gay law

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is set to re-table a controversial anti-gay bill that was recently struck down by the country's constitutional court.

African press review 11 August 2014

In Nigeria, the church is adopting measures to fight Ebola. This is in this morning's Vanguard.