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French press review 23 April 2014

There's a strange contrast between the front pages of Le Monde and those of four other national dailies today.

Gilberto Rodriguez Leal when he was a prisoner of Mujao
23/04/2014 - France - Mali

France vows to punish Mali's Mujao for hostage's death

The death of French hostage Gilberto Rodrigues Leal will not go unpunished, French President François Hollande declared after Mali-based jihadi group Mujao on Tuesday announced that it had ...

22/04/2014 - France

French press review 22 April 2014

Whatever else you can say about the French papers this morning, there's plenty of variety on the front pages...

François Hollande and Didier François, at at an air base southwest of Paris, where hostages arrived after their release
21/04/2014 - France

French intelligence services played key role in hostage release

A day after the liberation of four French journalists held in Syria, new details have emerged about the conditions of their release.

Four French journalists returned to France on Sunday after their captivity in Syria.
20/04/2014 - France - Syria

French hostages return home after nearly a year in captivity

Four French journalists held hostage in Syria arrived on French soil on Sunday. President François Hollande called it “a day of joy for France”.

A gathering on 6 March at the Europe 1 radio station, to call for Didier François' and Edouard Élias' liberation.
19/04/2014 - France

Four French journalists freed after Syria kidnapping

Four French journalists are safe and in good health, after being held hostage in Syria since June 2013.


African press review 18 April 2014

There’s confusion over the fate of kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls. SA prepares for a post-Zuma ANC.

Radio Latitude's website
17/04/2014 - France

Local radio presenter taken hostage in east France

A local radio presenter hostage has been freed after being taken hostage for four hours in eastern France.

South African Al Qaeda hostage still held in Yemen
10/02/2014 - African news explained

South African Al Qaeda hostage still held in Yemen

Negotiators attempting to secure the release of the South African hostage Pierre Korkie, who is being held in Yemen by Al Qaeda, say they have no proof that he is either alive or dead.


French Press Review 03 Jan 2014

The war in the Central African Republic, the miraculous Reverend Father Georges Vandenbeusch's release from Nigeria, and the reform of French civil law code to speed up divorces dominate the front ...