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Human rights
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls (R) and Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve present the latest intelligence bill earlier this month
12/04/2015 - FRANCE

France to strengthen spies' powers in new anti-terror law

The French government intends to keep information on people charged with acts of terrorism on file for 40 years.
12/04/2015 - Kenya

Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp closure must be voluntary, UNHCR

The closure of Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camp must be carried out on a voluntary basis and conducted in a systematic manner, a spokesperson for the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) in Kenya told RFI on ...
The site of a bombardment, which reportedly killed three women and three children, at Bait Rejal village west of Yemen's capital Sanaa earlier this month
12/04/2015 - FRANCE - Saudi Arabia - Yemen

France's Fabius in Saudi Arabia to back Yemen bombing campaign

France Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius visited Saudi Arabia on Sunday to show France's support for the Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen.
Eritrean migrants abducted and tortured in Egypt while trying to flee their country
02/04/2015 - Eritrea

Rights groups fear EU policy shift on Eritrea

Academics and rights activists fear a rapprochement between the European Union and Eritrea, warning that EU policy-makers are making light of the Horn of Africa country’s dismal rights record ...
Front national leader Marine Le Pen (L) with her father Jean-Marie at a party election rally
02/04/2015 - FRANCE

Jean-Marie Le Pen repeats Nazi gas chambers 'detail' claim

Veteran French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen has repeated his controversial remark that the Nazi gas chambers were a "detail" in the history of World War II, sparking a new disavowal ...
A placard calling for an end to abolition legislation for sex work at a demonstraion in Paris ahead of the Senate vote.
31/03/2015 - FRANCE

French sex workers fear Senate vote will push prostitution underground

After France’s right-wing-dominated Senate voted against a Socialist government proposal to punish clients of prostitutes, analysts and sex workers told RFI they fear prostitution will continue ...
Visibly pregnant girls in primary and secondary schools will not be able to take their exams
29/03/2015 - SIERRA LEONE

Pregnant girls barred from school and a right to education

Children will finally be returning to their classes throughout Sierra Leone on Monday after an eight-month hiatus due to the Ebola crisis. But there will be empty chairs at many schools.

French press review 17 March 2015

Le Monde gives the top of the front page to the catastrophe on Vanuatu, the group of Pacific islands virtually destroyed by a tropical cyclone last weekend.

African press review 16 March 2015

The South African front pages are dominated by the tragic death on Sunday of Public Service and Administration Minister Collins Chabane.
Jean Leonetti of the right-wing UMP, who drew up the bill with Socialist Alain Claeys, defends it in parliament on 10 March
11/03/2015 - France

French MPs debate allowing deep sedation for terminally ill

The French National Assembly has begun debating a bipartisan bill which aims to allow chronically ill patients to stop their treatment and be put into a deep sleep.