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Eastern Afar region in Ethiopia, severly hit by drought
12/10/2015 - ETHIOPIA

Severe drought threatens millions of Ethiopians

Recent figures reveal that the number of Ethiopians in need of food has risen sharply because of the lack of rain, combined with the El Nino weather phenomenon.
Pope Francis addresses a plenary meeting of the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015 at United Nations headquarters in Manhattan, New York, September 25, 2015.
26/09/2015 - AFRICA

Africa at heart of UN development summit goals

The Summit on Sustainable Development held at the UN General Assembly in New York on 25-27 September will see 193 countries ratify ambitious global goals to end extreme poverty and hunger, address ...

French press review 30 April 2015

A look back to the end of the war in Vietnam, the strange case of a French girl sent home from school because her skirt was too long, suggestions for keeping all of humanity well fed and slow ...

African press review 17 February 2015

Cairo's response to the beheading by Islamic State armed group of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians and job losses in South Africa are among today's stories in Africa ..

Charity food centre in Nice.
24/11/2014 - FRANCE

One million French people to receive charity meals

The charity food distribution centres "Les Restos du Coeur" have opened their door for their 30th winter season in France.

French press review 16 October 2014

A survey finds many unemployed have given up looking for work. The right is up in arms over defence cuts. Sarkozy's overspending election campaign continues to excite interest.
African musicians launch project to combat food shortage
07/05/2014 - International report

African musicians launch project to combat food shortage

Millions of Africans face food crises every year.
World must cooperate on food policy
16/10/2013 - African news explained

World must cooperate on food policy

Today is international World Food Day. A report published by Action Against Hunger calls on countries to increase the quality of food production, not only the quantity.
Syrian refugees occupying the walkway at Calais demand to see British PM David Cameron
04/10/2013 - France - Syria - UK

British police arrive in Calais as Syrians demand right to go to UK

A delegation of three British police officers has arrived in the French Channel port of Calais, where dozens of Syrian refugees have blockaded a walkway, demanding to be allowed into the UK.

G8 Summit: protesters point to hunger in Africa
15/06/2013 - African news explained

G8 Summit: protesters point to hunger in Africa

In Northern Ireland heads of state of the world's eight biggest economies are meeting in Enniskillen today to discuss major security and economic issues.