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French press review 3 August 2015

The French press is excited by the prospect that an Ebola vaccine is within reach.

Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh gives his July 22, 2015 speech where he pardoned more than 200 detainees from Mile 2 prison in Banjul
26/07/2015 - The Gambia

Recently released detainees fleeing Gambia to avoid re-arrest

Many of the reported 200 detainees released from Gambia’s notorious Mile 2 prison in Banjul are trying to get out of the country as soon as possible in order to avoid being picked up by police ...
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras smiles before a ruling Syriza party parliamentary group session in Athens, Greece, 15 July 2015.
16/07/2015 - Greece - EU

ECB raises funding for Greeks but fundamental problems not addressed, critics say

The European Central Bank decided Thursday to boost emergency funding for Greek banks after lawmakers in Athens passed a bailout-for-reforms deal.


French press review 16 July 2015

Burundi is under the floodlights of the press as President Pierre Nkurunziza's thirst for power plants the seeds of another genocide.

French press review 15 July 2015

French President Francois Hollande earns a new alias as "audacity man" after the Greek rescue.

French press review 14 July 2015

Most of the French papers are happy to take a day off, worn out, like the rest of us, by the Greek crisis, delighted to celebrate the French national holiday by staying in bed.

French press review 13 July 2015

There's a Greek clean sweep at the top of this morning's front pages but no shortage of variety in editorial approach.

French press review 11 July 2015

Greece, the Pope and Omar Sharif dominate this morning's front pages.

French press review 10 July 2015

Le Figaro opines that the European Union's Schengen accords should be renegotiated and amended whilst L'Humanité argues that Europe would be committing an inexcusable error if it kicks Greece ...

French press review 9 July 2015

It’s the Greek crisis on the front pages for yet another day as a midnight deadline closes in on Athens to produce a badly needed default plan or face expulsion from the eurozone.