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French press review 29 June 2015

Greece is in the fangs of all the national dailies after Athens calls off debt reform talks and announces a referendum on creditors' proposals, to be held days after a repayment deadline.


French press review 26 June 2015

Arrests, injuries and destroyed cars as French cabbies clash with police and UberPop agents encroaching on their business.
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Athenes, on 23 June 2015.
25/06/2015 - GREECE

Tsipras loses support in Syriza over bailout compromises

With less than a week left to strike a deal, Greece and its creditors are reported to still be nowhere near reaching an agreement to avert default.


African press review 24 June 2015

Did Cairo and Khartoum conspire to assassinate South Sudan's president? At least one Saudi diplomat believes they did and WikiLeaks has a letter to prove it.

French press review 23 June 2015

The Greeks haven't gone away but they've changed. Or perhaps the rest of Europe has changed to way it looks at them and their problems.

French press review 22 June 2015

Greece is virtually the only story on this morning's French front pages.
Temple of Hephaistos
21/06/2015 - Greece, European Union

Last chance for Greece before end of month deadline

On Monday, Greek officials will meet in Brussels with members of the Eurozone states and the International Monetary Fund to try and hammer out a last-ditch deal that must secure 7.2 billion euros ...

French press review 17 June 2015

Boko Haram to bear the brunt of deadly bombings in Chad's capital, a gist of life in Eritrea, Africa's North Korea, one of the origins of the refugee influx causing a looming political crisis in Europe.


French press review 16 June 2015

What would a Greek departure from the euro zone really mean, for both Europe and the Greeks?

French press review 15 June 2015

Algeria and Greece are the countries dominating this morning's front pages . . .