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International Criminal Court

African press review 10 September 2014

Nigerian police are missing after a Boko Haram attack. SA police deny political pressure ahead of the Marikana massacre. A witness at the ICC Kenya trial recants.

African press review 4 September 2014

In Lesotho, the prime minister, Thomas Thabane, is back in town, but the Maseru newspapers appear to have missed his return.

African press review 1 May 2014

It's May Day but gloom and doom is predicted for Zimbabwe's workforce. The SA platinum miners' strike looks set to continue.

African press review 23 April 2014

SA's platinum mining strike looks set to drag on. A record number of parties will stand in the general election. Cairo's drivers have a poor sense of direction. Al-Sisi is accused of bribery.

African press review 5 March 2014

Sissi drops presidential hints. Egypt bans Hamas. Why Egypt owes Cate Blanchett a meal. SA striking miners soften their stance. Why Nairobi residents are walking to work.

African press review 24 February 2014

Presidents are making the news this morning in Algeria, Zimbabwe and Uganda.


African press review 13 February 2014

Boko Haram and political sackings in Nigeria, clashes in South Africa are among the stories in today's papers ...


African press review 10 February 2014

The headlines on the front page of South African financial paper, BusinessDay, would leave you wondering just where the country is headed . . .

African press review 6 February 2014

SA platinum miners strike against an "aparthied wage structure". There are claim and counter-claim about Sisi in Egypt.

African press review 5 February 2014

Police examine what they seized in Mombasa mosque raid. Kenya's Anglican archbishop is worried about gays. Kenyatta's ICC case takes a new turn. A Ugandan judge lashes the attorney general.