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French President Francois Hollande (L), Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto (C) and Mexico's First Lady Angelica Rivera at the Bastille Day parade 14 July 2015
14/07/2015 - FRANCE

Charlie attacks, Africa interventions set grim mood for France's Bastille Day celebrations

The trauma of this year's Charlie Hebdo attacks and France's military presence in Africa overshadow the Bastille Day national holiday.
11/07/2015 - Nigeria

Dispelling the myths about Nigeria's Boko Haram

Nigerian militant Boko Haram group has become a permanent fixture on the news, especially with the kidnap of the Chibok girls.
Forsane Alizza Mohamed Achamlane in Paris in 2012
10/07/2015 - FRANCE

French Islamist group leader jailed for nine years

The leader of a French Islamist group has been jailed for nine years for terrorism-related offences, although his group committed no attacks.
Police patrol a tourist beach in Tunísia
10/07/2015 - FRANCE - united kingdom- TUNISIa

France refrains from UK-style call on tourists to quit Tunisia

France has not followed Britain in calling on its nationals to leave Tunisia , the French Foreign Affairs Ministry announced on Friday.

French President François Hollande with Cameroon's Paul Biya on Friday
04/07/2015 - CAMEROoN - FRANCE - NIGERIA

Hollande offers to host anti-Boko Haram summit on Cameroon visit

French President François Hollande has offered to host a summit of countries fighting Nigeria's Boko Haram armed Islamists on a visit to Cameroon.
Yassin Salhi escorted by police officers, near Lyon, France, June 28, 2015.
29/06/2015 - FRANCE

France deports 40 imams for preaching hatred

France has deported 40 imams for “preaching hatred” in the past three years, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on Monday.

A French forensic team on the site where the severed head of the victim was found, 26 June 2015
28/06/2015 - FRANCE

French terror suspect 'sent image of beheading to Syria'

The suspect in the attack on an industrial chemical plant in southeastern France has confessed and was to be transferred to Paris Sunday for further questioning by anti-terror police.

Officials search the home of suspect Yassin Salhi near Lyon, 27 June 2015
27/06/2015 - FRANCE

French PM warns of more attacks as ministers hold emergency meeting

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls warns that the country faces more attacks after Friday’s killing at an industrial chemicals plant by a man who French security officials say once had links to ...
Investigators at the Air Products factory in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier where the attack took place, 26 June 2015
26/06/2015 - FRANCE

French President Hollande calls factory attack a terrorist act

An attack on a US industrial chemical plant in southeastern France on Friday morning is being investigated as a terrorist act, French President Francois Hollande said in a televised news conference ...
Factory at Saint-Quentin-Fallavier where the attack took place.
26/06/2015 - FRANCE

One dead, several hurt in attack on French factory near Lyon

An attacker carrying an Islamist flag killed one person and injured several others on Friday morning at a factory near Lyon in southeastern France, according to a legal source.