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Suspended Front National councillor Maxence Buttey
27/10/2014 - France

France’s Front National suspends councillor who converted to Islam

France’s far-right Front National (FN) has suspended a local councillor who has converted to Islam.

French MEP and former minister Nadine Morano.
19/08/2014 - France

Beach woman in muslim veil stirs debate in France

Politicians have joined a growing debate after a right-wing MEP posted a photo of a veiled woman on a French beach on social networks, accompanied by a commentary about sex equality.

Jean-Marie Le Pen at an FN meeting last year
09/06/2014 - France

Le Pen’s ‘anti-Semitic’ wisecrack throws Front National into turmoil

Veteran French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen hit out at his own daughter after she criticised an apparently anti-Semitic pun he made when attacking artists and athletes who oppose his party.
François Hollande addresses members of the Asian community to mark the festivities of the Lunar New Year on Monday
18/02/2014 - France

Far right slams Hollande tribute to Muslim World War I dead

France's far right is up in arms over President François Hollande's participation in a ceremony honouring Muslims who fought for France during World War I.
Cartoonist Charb, publishing director of Charlie Hebdo, in 2012
17/02/2014 - France

Muslims sue satirical paper for blasphemy, MP for hate speech

French Muslims are taking satirical paper Charlie Hebdo to court for blasphemy over a front page insulting the Koran.
Police inTrappes after July's riots
08/01/2014 - France

French court convicts Islamic veil-wearing woman

A French court has kicked out a challenge to France's burka law and given a young woman a suspended prison sentence for a dispute with police officers who arrested her for wearing the face-covering ...
The Baby Loup creche in 2008
27/11/2013 - France

French court backs creche's firing of hijab-wearing Muslim woman

A Paris court has backed a private creche that fired a Muslim employee for wearing the an Islamic headscarf.
Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders present their project
14/11/2013 - France - The Netherlands - European Union

Le Pen, Wilders hope to unite Europe-wide eurosceptic alliance

The leaders of the Dutch and French far right launched an alliance to fight the European Union from within at a meeting on Wednesday in The Hague. Marine Le Pen of France's Front National and Geert Wilders of the Netherlands Party for Freedom (PVV) hope to attract other parties

French President François Hollande with former hostages Marc Feret, Pierre Legrand and Daniel Larribe, Thierry Dol (L-R)
31/10/2013 - France - Niger - Mali

Far right's Le Pen 'troubled' by Al-Qaida hostages' return to France

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen on Friday declared herself "troubled" by TV footage of four hostages who returned to France on Wednesday after three years as prisoners of Al-Qaida.

A woman wearing niqab
30/10/2013 - France

Lawyer challenges French burka ban, woman's trial postponed

A French lawyer has launched a new constitutional challenge to France's burka ban as part of the defence of a woman whose arrest for wearing Islamic face-covering sparked riots in the french town of ...