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22/03/2013 - France

Racism and xenophobia on the rise in France, report

Intolerance is on the rise in France, according to an independent body which advises the government.

French press review 21 March 2013

Racism in France and how it compares to other countries and are the dark days for President Hollande's Socialist Party set to continue? That's all in the French papers today.

02/01/2013 - France

French satirical magazine publishes comic book of Prophet Mohammed

A French satirical magazine whose offices were firebombed after it published cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammed has published a comic book biography of Islam's founder.

18/11/2012 - Analysis: France

The statesman or the attack dog? Sarkozy party elects new leader

France’s mainstream right-wing opposition party, the UMP, votes Sunday for a new president in a much-publicised contest that is more about style than content.
09/11/2012 - France

French Muslims call on Hollande to speak out on Islamophobia

French Muslim leaders have appealed to President François Hollande come out as strongly against Islamophobia as he has against anti-Semitism.
25/09/2012 - France

Charlie Hebdo to publish 'responsible' and 'irresponsible' versions after Mohammed cartoons row

The French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, which caused a furore by publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed last week, announced on Monday that it plans to publish two separate issues on ...
22/09/2012 - France

Riot police on Paris streets to stop Mohammed cartoons protests

Riot police were out in force in Paris on Saturday to enforce a ban on demonstrations against the magazine Charlie Hebdo’s Mohammed cartoons and the Innocence of Muslims film.
22/09/2012 - France

French far-right leader Le Pen calls for ban on Islamic headscarf and Jewish skullcap

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has caused a storm with a proposal to ban Islamic headscarves and the Jewish kippa on the streets of French towns. President François Hollande has accused her of tearing the nation apart

20/09/2012 - France

French Muslims to sue Charlie Hebdo over Mohammed cartoons

A French Muslim group is to sue the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo over the publication of cartoons portraying the Prophet Mohammed.
19/09/2012 - France

Charlie Hebdo editor defends Mohammed cartoons as France prepares for protests

The editor of satirical French paper Charlie Hebdo claims the weekly was only doing its job in publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed for the second time in two years.