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20/07/2013 - France

Riot erupts in French town as veiled woman claims police brutality

A riot erupted in a town near Paris on Friday night after police stopped and charged a woman wearing the Islamic face-covering veil.
Wearing a burka in public has been illegal in France since 2011
23/06/2013 - France

Muslims cry Islamophobia afer two burka-wearing women attacked near Paris

Several hundred residents of a working-class town near Paris took to the streets on Saturday in protest at two alleged Islamophobic attacks on young women wearing face-covering veils.
Front National leader Marine Le Pen speaks to the party's annual rally on May Day in Paris
02/06/2013 - France - European Union

European parliament set to lift Le Pen immunity over racism case

The European parliament has confirmed reports that French far-right leader Marine Le Pen is likely to lose her immunity from prosecution.
15/04/2013 - France

Black and Arab workers banned from meeting Israeli president's train in Paris, union

France’s state-owned rail company, the SNCF, banned black and north African-origin employees from working near Israeli President Shimon Peres when he arrived at Paris’s Gare du Nord ...
31/03/2013 - France

French Muslims meet as Hollande prepares wider hijab ban

France’s largest Islamic grouping meets this weekend at Le Bourget, north of Paris, as the government prepares to extend the ban on Islamic headscarves in educational establishments, a move ...
22/03/2013 - France

Racism and xenophobia on the rise in France, report

Intolerance is on the rise in France, according to an independent body which advises the government.

French press review 21 March 2013

Racism in France and how it compares to other countries and are the dark days for President Hollande's Socialist Party set to continue? That's all in the French papers today.

02/01/2013 - France

French satirical magazine publishes comic book of Prophet Mohammed

A French satirical magazine whose offices were firebombed after it published cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammed has published a comic book biography of Islam's founder.

18/11/2012 - Analysis: France

The statesman or the attack dog? Sarkozy party elects new leader

France’s mainstream right-wing opposition party, the UMP, votes Sunday for a new president in a much-publicised contest that is more about style than content.
09/11/2012 - France

French Muslims call on Hollande to speak out on Islamophobia

French Muslim leaders have appealed to President François Hollande come out as strongly against Islamophobia as he has against anti-Semitism.