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19/09/2012 - France

Charlie Hebdo editor defends Mohammed cartoons as France prepares for protests

The editor of satirical French paper Charlie Hebdo claims the weekly was only doing its job in publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed for the second time in two years.
19/09/2012 - France

France to ban Innocence of Muslims film protest

France is to ban a demonstration against Innocence of Muslims planned for Saturday in Paris, Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said on Wednesday.
Protests against an anti-Islam film in Cairo, Egypt
14/09/2012 - France - United States - Middle East

French immams appeal for calm as foreign embassies attacked across Arab world

Muslim leaders in France have used Friday prayers to ask their followers to refrain from replicating the violent protests against an anti-Islam video that have spread across the Arab world.

13/09/2012 - France - United States - Middle East

French Muslims call for calm over anti-Islam film protests

Islamic leaders in France have called for calm as protests over a US-made film depicting the Prophet Mohammed spread across the Arab world.

12/09/2012 - France

Vandals desecrate French mosque with human faeces

Vandals have desecrated a mosque in the centre of France by smearing human faeces on its doors.

The Gennevilliers town hall
05/08/2012 - France

Discrimination complaint lodged against French municipality

A community group has lodged a formal complaint against a municipal council in a Paris suburb after it sacked four summer camp instructors for fasting during Ramadan.
02/08/2012 - France

Muslim and Jewish outrage after pig heads hung outside French mosque

French Muslim and Jewish groups have both expressed outrage after two pig heads were dumped at a mosque in the town near Toulouse where an Islamist gunman killed two paratroopers in March.

06/05/2012 - Analysis: French presidential election campaign 2012

Why did Sarkozy lose the French presidential election?

Nicolas Sarkozy on Sunday failed to win reelection as president of France.
28/04/2012 - Report: French presidential election 2012

Sarkozy claims Stalinist trial over campaign's rightward shift

French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Friday complained that he was the victim of a “Stalinist trial” amid criticism of an alleged rightward turn in his campaign to be reelected.
25/04/2012 - French presidential election 2012

Sarkozy rules out Front National ministers but chases far-right's votes

The Front National (FN) will not have seats in government if he is reelected, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said