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Jean-François Copé

French weekly magazines review 27 July 2014

The Middle East is everyone’s front page story this week as pro-Palestinian protests ended in violence in the Barbès district of Paris and the suburban town of Sarcelles in the outskirts ...

French weekly magazines review 20 July 2014

President François Hollande visits Africa, infighting continues in the UMP as the scandals keep coming and there’s a warning to Israel that its policies are endangering its future ...

French weekly magazines review 13 July 2014

The French weeklies are stunned by new Bygmalion woes for opposition UMP party and Nicolas Sarkozy’s comeback plans.


French press review 10 July 2014

French budget, UMP party and the German national football team are all in the papers today.


French weekly magazines review 6 July 2014

French press is outraged by Nicolas Sarkozy’s scathing attack on judiciary probing scandals dogging his political return.


French press review 5 July 2014

The French press feels the blues of France’s early exit from the football World Cup.

French weekly magazines review 29 June 2014

The Bygmalion inflated bills scandal rocking the opposition UMP party is turning into a goldmine for the weeklies.


French weekly magazines review 22 June 2014

The French weeklies have more shocking revelations about the Bygmalion election-funding scandal rocking France’s main opposition party and French ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy.

French press review 20 June 2014

A weakening rail strike and revelations about the UMP/Bygmalion campaign-funding scandal dominate comments in Friday’s French press.


French press review 19 June 2014

Railway workers, energy, cycling accidents and law and order are among today's subjects..