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African press review 8 October 2015

African press applauds China's offer to build 100 hospitals in Africa as Sino African health development forum closes in Cape Town; Boko Haram insurgents meet deadly fire in daring attack on Yobe ...

African press review 7 October 2015

Climate change tracker ranks South Africa 12th highest emitter of green house gases; expropriated Kenyan businessman posts message to President Kenyatta in newspaper ad; and Nigeria's Senat snubs ...

African press review 6 October 2015

The former Nigerian oil minister arrested last week is back in the news in London. Governance is going backwards in Africa. So, sadly, are economic growth prospects.

African press review 3 October 2015

A former Nigerian oil minister is released on bail in London, arrested by officers investigating suspected bribery and money-laundering offences. Burundi is to get less aid cash from Belgium.
Coding for Africa
03/10/2015 - African Media

Coding for Africa

In this week's African Media, RFI takes a look at Code for Africa. Stephen Abbott Pugh, a fellow with Code For Africa, talks about the initiative and how it aims to fund various open-data projects across Africa, enable data journalism and make more information available to the general public.

Kenya's deputy president William Ruto says he wants to bring in new laws to crack down on Kenyan drugs cheats.
02/10/2015 - athletics

Two Kenyan athletes banned over doping offences

Two Kenyan athletes have been suspended for taking illicit drugs, the country's athletics federation announced on Friday.

African press review 29 September 2015

Kenya laments the suicide of a college girl blackmailed by a Facebook tormentor; Cabinet fever grips Nigeria; and the press welcomes Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari's UN appeal for fiscal havens ...

African press review 26 September 2015

Teachers are back on the front pages in Kenya, but is their strike on or off? Why there will soon be no place for unregistered mobile phones in east Africa.

African press review 25 September 2015

Teachers are making the front pages in both Kenya and South Africa. The suspect weapons found earlier this week on a vessel in the port of Mombasa turn out to belong to the United Nations.

African press review 24 September 2015

Do Ugandan MPs know what they are voting for? Why has the VW scandal hit South African platinum prices? How bad is the situation of Zambia's copper sector, soon to be hit by huge job losses?