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African press review 30 January 2015

Will the AU join forces against Boko Haram? Why did Goodluck Jonathan get stoned? Why did Indonesia execute two Nigerians? Will Kenyan MPs be charged with murder?

African press review 29 January 2015

News concerning South Africa's rich and Egypt's journalists in some of the African papers today ...


African press review 28 January 2015

Lagarde warns that Africa’s economies could be hurt by a Chinese slowdown. SA’s electricity crisis sputters on. Nigeria has naira trouble.

African press review 26 January 2015

There's a lot of confusion in Nigeria, reflected on this morning's front pages...


African press review 22 January 2015

How Ebola is impacting the economy, children's rights violations during a protest in Kenya and Uganda's teachers going on strike are all topics in today's African papers.


African press review 21 January 2015

Violence against women is still widespread in Egypt. Kenyatta apologises for the teargassing of schoolkids. Zimbabwe does better on jobs than some people say.


African press review 20 January 2015

Treating ebola, a spat between Kenya and Tanzania, Africa's technological future - all in today's papers ...


African press review 19 January 2015

Kenyan teachers return to work after a court rules their strike illegal. A Liberian doctor battles Ebola. Military men squeeze out technocrats as leaders of African nations.


African press review 16 January 2015

The continuing storm over the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris last week are still grabbing attention in some parts of Africa.