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Laurent Fabius
Smoke from what witnesses said was an Israeli air strike in Gaza City on Sunday
27/07/2014 - France - Middle East

France condemns ‘vicious cycle’ of Israel-Gaza violence

France on Sunday condemned the “vicious cycle” of attacks on Gaza and on Israel and called for a “real ceasefire” and negotiations, in a statement issued by Foreign Affairs ...

US Secretary of State John Kerry arrives in Paris
26/07/2014 - France - Middle East

France hosts Gaza truce summit

US, European and Arab diplomats were to meet in Paris on Saturday to press for a truce in Gaza. A 12-hour humanitarian ceasefire in the conflict started earlier Saturday morning.

French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius (L) with his Egyptian counterpart Samih Shukri (R) in Cairo
19/07/2014 - France - Middle East

Truce in Gaza urgent, French FM says during Egypt visit

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has called for an “urgent” ceasefire in Gaza, backing the Egyptian plan rejected by Hamas this week.

The remains of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 near Grabovo in Donetsk
18/07/2014 - France - Russia - Ukraine

No French on crashed Malaysia Airlines plane in Ukraine, Hollande

No French nationals died in the crash of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 airliner apparently shot down over eastern Ukraine on Thursday, President François Hollande announced on Friday, citing ...

06/07/2014 - France

France tourist tax increase scrapped

A plan to increase tourist tax in France, the most visited country in the world, has been scrapped following an outcry from the tourism industry.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius (L) during a meeting at his residence in New Delhi July 1, 2014.
01/07/2014 - France

French FM offers India 1 bn to fund projects, as Rafale talks stall

On visit to New Delhi, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, offered to give India up to 1 billion euros in credit to fund its sustainable infrastructure and urban development projects.

France's Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and his Indian counterpart Sushma Swaraj, New Delhi, 30 June 2014.
30/06/2014 - France - India

France first Western power to hold talks in India with Modi's government

France becomes the first Western power to hold talks in India with the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the arrival of Foreign minister Laurent Fabius on Monday in New Delhi.

French cabinet minister Jean-Marie Le Guen in RFI's studios
27/06/2014 - France

Millionaire minister underestimates wealth in French government transparency drive

French government minister Jean-Marie Le Guen has been taken to task by the government’s watchdog for underestimating how much he was worth in the first-ever public declaration of cabinet ...

Iraqis in Basra volunteer to fight Isil
20/06/2014 - France - Iraq

France wants Iraq national unity government with or without Maliki

France on Friday called for a unity government in Iraq, even if it means dumping current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

The Château de Chenonceau is the most-visited site in the Loire Valley
20/06/2014 - France

France aims for 100 million tourists per year, Fabius

France aims to attract 100 million foreign tourists per year to France, compared to 83 million in 2012.