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Novelist Michel Houellebecq
30/08/2015 - FRANCE

French author Houellebecq threatens to sue Le Monde

French novelist Michel Houellebecq lashed out at Le Monde newspaper on TV on television this weekend, threatening to take legal advice about its use of "private correspondence".
Graphics from RFI's Hausa service
30/08/2015 - CAMEROoN - FRANCE

RFI correspondent held incommunicado in Cameroon Boko Haram inquiry

RFI has called on Cameroon to allow lawyers to see journalist Ahmed Abba, the correspondent for its Hausa service who has been held in custody for a month without it being made clear what charges he ...
The seafront at Nice, one of the resorts where the theives operated
29/08/2015 - FRANCE

Thieves posed as Gulf tourists to steal French hotel safes

Two men believed to have posed as rich Gulf tourists to steal safes from posh French hotels have been arrrested in central France.
Catherine Graciet with her book, The Predator King
29/08/2015 - FRANCE - MoROCco

French court charges journalists accused of blackmailing Moroccan king

Two French journalists have been charged with blackmail and extortion after allegedly promising not to publish a book about Morocco's King Mohammed VI in exchange for large sums of money.

Mohammed VI, King of Morocco on June 19 2015.
28/08/2015 - FRANCE - MOROCCO

French journalists accused of blackmailing Moroccan king

Two French journalists were arrested on Thursday in Paris on suspicion of trying to blackmail the king of Morocco.

EHS sufferers claim that mobile phones and other everyday gadgets seriously damage their health
27/08/2015 - FRANCE

French woman wins disability allowance for 'gadget allergy'

A French court has awarded a disability grant to a woman who describes herself as an "environmental refugee" because she claims to suffer from a debilitating allergy to electromagnetic ...
The scene at the Jo Goldenberg restaurant on Paris's rue des Rosiers after the attack
26/08/2015 - FRANCE - JORDAN - palestine

France issues warrant for 1982 Jewish restaurant terror attack suspect

French investigators have issued an international arrest warrant for a Palestinian accused of taking part in a 1982 attack on a Jewish restaurant in Paris that killed six people, sources said ...
Police block access to the travellers' camp on Tuesday
26/08/2015 - France

Four killed in shooting at travellers' camp in north France

Four people were killed in a shooting at a travellers' camp in Roye, northern France, on Tuesday afternoon. Another toddler wa seriously wounded, as was the gunman.

Jean-Marie Le Pen has been stripped of his membership, but will make a formal appeal
21/08/2015 - FRANCE

Mixed reactions after French Front National kicks out party founder

A day after Jean-Marie Le Pen was stripped of his membership by the National Front’s executive committee, members and experts comment on how this will affect the future of the party, especially ...
Jean-Marie Le Pen (R) and his wife Jany (L) arrive with his lawyer Frederic Joachim arrive at the special Front National executive committee meeting
20/08/2015 - FRANCE

Jean-Marie Le Pen tells Front National leaders they have no right to expel him

Veteran French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen faced expulsion or suspension from the party he helped found at a special disciplinary meeting of the leadership of the Front National (FN)