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Morocco's King Mohammed VI with French President François Hollande in Casablanca
31/01/2015 - France- Morocco

France and Morocco renew legal ties after 11-month freeze

France and Morocco have renewed legal ties after nearly a year’s suspension due to a row over legal cases lodged in France against Rabat’s spy chief.

The Angkor Wat temple complex
30/01/2015 - France - Cambodia

French tourists arrested for nude photos at Cambodia’s Angkor Wat

Three French tourists have been arrested in Cambodia for taking nude photos inside the historic Angkor temple complex.
Do they know their legal status has changed?
29/01/2015 - France

France updates laws on animal feelings

France's parliament officially recognised animals as "living, sentient beings" rather than "furniture" on Wednesday, formally updating a status which dated from Napoleonic ...
The Constitutional Council in Paris
23/01/2015 - France- Morocco

Top French court backs stripping jihadist of nationality

France’s Constitutional Council has ruled that stripping a binational jihadist of his French nationality is legal.
French rights ombudsman Jacques Toubon
22/01/2015 - France

French mayor ‘acted illegally’ in dodging Roma baby burial, ombudsman

The mayor of a French town was guilty of illegal discrimination in trying to avoid burying a Roma baby in the local cemetery, France’s human rights ombudsman has ruled.
French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian (C) and Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve (R) listen as Prime Minister Manuel Valls outlines his plans to tackle jihadist violence
22/01/2015 - Explainer: France

France considers reviving Nazi purge law for terror offences

France's government has said it will consider restoring a law applied to former Nazi collaborators after World War II law to punish those who take part in crimes like this month's Charlie Hebdo ...
Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo
21/01/2015 - France - US

Paris mayor aims to sue Fox news over no-go areas claim

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo says the city may sue US TV channel Fox News for saying there were Muslim-run no-go zones in the French capital.
Fritz-Joly Joachin (C) under police escort from a court in the southern city of Haskovo
20/01/2015 - France - Chechnya - Bulgaria

Chechens arrested in southern France, Bulgaria to extradite Charlie Hebdo killer friend

Five Chechens were arrested in southern France on Monday night on suspicion of preparing a terror attack.
Comedian Dieudonné was detained by police on Wednesday
14/01/2015 - France: explainer

What does French law really say about free speech?

France is prosecuting over 50 people for "defence of terrorism" following comments praising last week's killings in Paris or for mocking the victims.
The gunmen after the attack on satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo
14/01/2015 - France

Comedian Dieudonné arrested for ‘defending terrorism’, others jailed

French police detained controversial comedian Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala for defence of terrorism over a Facebook posting following Sunday’s Charlie Hebdo solidarity march.