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A striker at the Amiens Goodyear factory before its closure
04/02/2016 - FRANCE

French workers strike to oppose jail sentence on Goodyear bossnapping activists

Public transport in the Paris region was disrupted on Thursday and demonstrations were held in several cities as part of a one-day strike in protest at jail sentences passed on eight trade unionists involved in a bossnapping and what unions claim is a rise in the use of the law against workplace activists.

Police patrol Paris's La Défense business district
04/02/2016 - FRANCE

Amnesty International, rights ombudsman slam France's state of emergency

France's state of emergency has devastated hundreds of lives, human-rights group Amnesty International declared in a report issued Thursday that calls on the government not to extend the measure, introduced after the November Paris attacks.

Unita chief Jonas Savimbi in December 1985
03/02/2016 - ANGOLA - FRANCE

Angolan rebel leader Savimbi's family sue Call of Duty makers in French court

The family of the late Angolan rebel leader Jonas Savimbi took the makers of the best-selling video game Call of Duty to court in France on Wednesday, claiming that it libels their father by portraying him as a "babarian".

A protest against house arrests outside of the French Council of State in Paris in December 2015
26/01/2016 - France

Does France's state of emergency stop terrorists?

France is preparing to extend its state of emergency, which rights groups say is akin to letting terrorists win.
Jean-Marie Le Pen
23/01/2016 - FRANCE

Selfie with Le Pen lands Madonna ex-boyfriend in French court

The founder of France's Front National, Jean-Marie Le Pen, is suing a dancer for publishing a selfie with the far-right veteran asleep in the seat in front of him on an airplane.
General view of the National Assembly during a debate to extend a state of emergency, in Paris, France, November 19, 2015 following the series of deadly attacks on last Friday in the French capital
23/01/2016 - FRANCE

French President Hollande seeks three-month extension for state of emergency

French President François Hollande will seek to renew the three-month state of emergency, his office said Friday.
Going for seconds - lMF chief Christine Lagarde
22/01/2016 - FRANCE - World economy

France's Lagarde to run for second term as IMF chief

Christine Lagarde has announced that she will run for a second term as head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), pointing out that France, Britain, Germany and China have backed her and seeming ...
"Risk of Avalanche - Proceed at your own risk and peril" - a banner in the French ski resort of Courcheval
17/01/2016 - FRANCE

French teacher charged over Alps avalanche tragedy

The teacher who took students on a closed skiiing piste in the French Alps where two of them were killed by an avalanche has been charged with involuntary homicide.
New media law already affects journalism in Poland
17/01/2016 - International media

New media law already affects journalism in Poland

In this week's international media, Rfi's Clea Broadhurst will take a closer look at the new Media law in Poland and how it has affected journalism there already.
Police on patrol in Bobigny
16/01/2016 - FRANCE

French police offficer acquitted after shooting armed man in back

A French court has acquitted a police officer who shot an armed criminal in the back, judging that he acted in legitimate self-defence.