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NGOs call for action over gold mined during conflict in DRC
05/11/2013 - African news explained

NGOs call for action over gold mined during conflict in DRC

A coalition of NGOs are calling on European governments to take legal action against companies that are suspected of having looted gold in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
18/11/2012 - Report: Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe mining boss to pay millions over Wikileaks diamond looting claim

A Zimbabwean mining executive has been ordered to pay a huge sum of damages to the country's spy chief, Happyton Bonyongwe, over comments published by the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks.

Libyan National Museum looted by pro-Kadhafi forces
08/09/2011 - International report

Libyan National Museum looted by pro-Kadhafi forces

Officials in Libya say pro-Kadhafi forces looted the national museum whilE the they occupied the Red Fort in Tripoli last month.
15/08/2011 - Britain

After riots, Britain to push for change in European Convention on Human Rights

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced on Monday that the UK would use its current chairmanship of the Council of Europe to try to push through changes in the European Convention of Human ...
10/08/2011 - United Kingdom

Cameron blames moral failure for UK riots

British Prime Minister David Cameron said Wednesday that the riots that have hit the country are "a moral problem as much as a poltical problem".

10/08/2011 - United Kingdom - interviews

Tension with police and austerity behind UK riots, activists say

Opposition politicians and community groups in riot-hit areas of Britain have accused the government of turning a blind eye to the cause of the unrest.

09/08/2011 - United Kingdom

Cameron chairs emergency committee as UK riots spread

British Prime Minister David Cameron chaired an emergency meeting in London Tuesday after cutting short his holiday because of riots spreading across the United Kingdom.

13/04/2011 - Côte d'Ivoire

Ouattara to move into presidential palace

Côte d'Ivoire President Alassane Ouattara says he will move into the palace vacated by his now arrested predecessor Laurent Gbagbo "in the coming days".
28/03/2011 - Yemen

Blast at ammunitions factory kills at least 40

An explosion at an ammunitions factory near the south Yemeni town of Jaar has killed at least 40 people including children. The blast comes a day after Al-Qaeda suspects looted the plant.
24/02/2011 - New Zealand

Police crack down on looting in Christchurch

New Zealand police have vowed to crack down on looters in Christchurch following a 6.3-magnitude earthquake that hit on Tuesday.