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African press review 15 January 2014

Capers in Kampala. SA wine doing well but worried about its image. Class war between SA's cities. Zimbabwe's government taxes platinum to raise cash. Kenyans' fuel bills rise.

African press review 13 December 2013

DRC papers declare the M23 rebel movement dead. Kenya celebrates 50 years of independence. And are South Africans suffering from delusions of grandeur?


African press review 3 December 2013

More on Kampala's deposed Lord Mayor, polygamy and divorce in Swaziland, radical islamists in Mombasa  - all in today's African papers ..


African press review 11 November 2013

Hopes ahead of today's scheduled signing of the DRC peace agreement in Kampala, judicial troubles for some of Egypt's Muslim Brothers and cash prizes for Nigeria's victorious under 17 footballers - ...
DRC army plans offensive against other armed groups in east
07/11/2013 - African news explained

DRC army plans offensive against other armed groups in east

The army in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has defeated the M23 rebels, says it is planning an offensive against other armed groups in the east of the country.

African press review 6 November 2013

DRC's M23 are believed to have ended their rebellion. SA wine expects another goor year in 2014 after this year"s bumber crop. Jonathan visits Gambia.
US calls for end to clashes in DR Congo
29/10/2013 - African news explained

US calls for end to clashes in DR Congo

The United States is calling for an end to clashes in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The army, backed by UN forces, has seized control of three rebel positions.

African press review 28 October 2013

Uhuru defends Kenya's security forces and heads for Rwanda. An oil company pulls out because of local protests. Age is just a number to a Kenyan marathon winner.
23/10/2013 - Rwanda - DRC - US

US ups pressure to end DRC's M23 rebellion

The US's new representative for Africa's Great Lakes region has upped the pressure on Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to end the bloody M23 rebellion in north-east DRC.

African press review 17 September 2013

Growing dissent in South Sudan, Rwanda's military deployment on its border with Democratic Republic of Congo are among the subjects in the African press today...