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African press review 15 October 2014

Madagascar would like to know where Marc Ravalomanana is. Winnie Mandela claims she was never properly divorced. The number of millionaires soars in "high-inequality" South Africa.
Secretary General Abdou Diouf of the OIF
29/03/2014 - France - Madagascar

Madagascar on long path to economic recovery

After a five year suspension Madagascar will be reintegrated into the International Organisation of La Francophonie (OIF), according to its Secretary General Abdou Diouf speaking Friday in Paris.

African press review 06 January 2014

Corruption in Malawi, poor food production in Zimbabwe and Kenyan teachers are among today's stories in Africa ...

Madagascar election judged free and fair
28/10/2013 - African news explained

Madagascar election judged free and fair

International election observers have hailed Madagascar's presidential election as credible, free and transparent.

African press review 24 October 2013

Zimbabwe takes the EU to court, cuts in perks for South Africa's bigwigs, more from Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto's trial at the ICC - all in the papers today...


African press review 23 October 2013

Madagascar prepares for a presidential poll in which half the country can't vote. SA's crime intelligence boss is suspended. Kenyan journalists fear censorship is in the pipeline.
05/10/2013 - France - Madagascar

Security heightened in Madagascar after lynch mob killings

Security forces have been deployed on a popular tourist island in Madagascar as police try to track down members of a mob who lynched and burned two Europeans and a local man accused of killing a ...
Two Europeans killed in Madagascar accused of organ trafficking
05/10/2013 - African news explained

Two Europeans killed in Madagascar accused of organ trafficking

Two Europeans were lynched to death by a mob in Madagascar on Thursday who accused them of murdering a young boy for his organs.

French press review 4 October 2013

The deaths of scores of African immigrants off the Italian island of Lampedusa takes the spotlight with several dailies, underlining Europe's failure to deal with the influx of boat people taking to ...