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Manmade disaster
Relatives wait for news of the Malaysia Airlines plane at Beijing airport
08/03/2014 - Malaysia - Vietnam - France - China

Malaysia, Vietnam search for missing plane - three French among 239 on board

Vietnamese planes spotted two large oil slicks late Saturday near the area where a Malaysia Airlines jet vanished from air-traffic control screens with 239 people, including three French citizens, ...

A block of flats on Paris's rue Tolbiac
25/12/2013 - France

Christmas morning blaze kills one in Paris

One person has died and another's life is in danger after a Christmas morning fire in a Paris apartment block. Firefighters battled the blaze for two hours before extinguishing it at 6.30am.

French firefighters arrive at the Palace of Sports at the Porte de Versailles in Paris following a blast 8 November 2013
09/11/2013 - France

One dead after Paris musical pyrotechnics blast

A production worker has died after an explosion of pyrotechnics just ahead of the peformance of a musical set during the French revolution in Paris on Friday night.

Lyon-Bron airport
24/09/2013 - France

Four die in Lyon plane crash

Four people died when a light passenger aircraft crashed near the southern French city of Lyon on Tuesday morning.


French press review 26 July 2013

Today's French papers want to know the cause of Wednesday's Spanish train crash which killed 80 with many more injured.


French press review 25 July 2013

Trains and railroads are on the front pages of three different French dailies today. And there's the ongoing sport doping debate.


French press review 24 July 2013

The French newspapers generally resist the urge to cover the British royal baby’s birth.

A fishplate, similar to one that may have caused the accident at Brétigny-sur-Orge station.
19/07/2013 - France

French police investigate sabotage in nuclear train crash

French police are investigating an apparent act of sabotage to the derailment of a train transporting nuclear waste on the same day as last week’s deadly rail crash

10/07/2013 - France

Firefighters battle blaze at historic Paris mansion

Firefighters have brought a blaze in a historic Paris mansion after a six-hour battle with the flames.

10/03/2013 - France

Anti-nuclear campaigners form human chain in Paris

Thousands of people formed a human chain in Paris on Saturday - the second anniversary of Japan's Fukushima disaster - to oppose nuclear power, which provides most of France's energy.