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Marly town hall
14/06/2015 - FRANCE

French wedding guest shot dead

A young woman died after being shot in the head while attending a wedding in Marly, northern France, on Saturday.

India's Love Commandos protect runaway couples
14/05/2015 - International report

India's Love Commandos protect runaway couples

With the aim of providing shelter to young couples who face threats from their families because they've chosen to defy barriers of caste and religion for the sake of love, a New Delhi-based voluntary ...
Jean Germain regularly posed for the Chinese "weddings" that took place in Tours between 2007 and 2011
07/04/2015 - France

French senator found dead in apparent suicide ahead of 'Chinese weddings' trial

Jean Germain, the former mayor of Tours and current Socialist party senator for Indre-et-Loire, was found dead Tuesday after failing to appear in court in a corruption case related to a Chinese ...
US comic Jay Leno (c) demonstrates outside the Beverly Hills Hotel, also owned by the Sultan of Brunei
01/06/2014 - France - Brunei

French celebrities call for boycott of Brunei-owned hotel over sharia law

Business tycoon François-Henri Pinault and fashion editor Anna Wintour are among hundreds of people here in France calling for a boycott of Paris’s Meurice Hotel, which is owned by the ...
20/05/2014 - France

French anti-smacking law postponed amid opposition to family bill

A debate in the French parliament on outlawing smacking by parents was postponed on Monday, amid an already fractious climate surrounding family affairs.


French press review 15 May 2014

Financial skulduggery at the conservative UMP party, striking French civil servants, Europe and Cannes, the southern French city where the film festival got underway yesterday, are this morning's ...
"Equal rights for all!" demands this banner on a pro-gay marriage demonstration in Nice last year
08/05/2014 - France

French family kidnaps lesbian daughter fleeing arranged marriage

Three members of a French family of Turkish origin have been charged with kidnapping a young gay woman for fleeing an arranged marriage.
Khalid Skah
23/04/2014 - France - Morocco - Norway

France vetoes athlete Khalid Shah's extradition to Norway

France has turned down a Norwegian request for the extradition of Moroccan athlete Khaled Skah, locked in a dispute with his ex-wife over custody of their two children.
A still from 14 millions de cris
08/03/2014 - France

Gayet stars in anti-forced marriage film

A French short film on forced marriages, released to coincide with International Women's Day, has caused a stir but not for the reasons you may expect.
A woman demonstrates against domestic violence in Toulouse
13/02/2014 - France

Retired teacher sentenced for torturing wife of 32 years

A retired schoolteacher who tortured his wife for 32 years was sentenced by a southern French court on Wednesday to 10 years in prison.