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African press review 12 November 2014

Lawyers fight for the victims of the Marikana massacre. SA receives fewer asylum seekers. More money may be spent on Zuma's home. Nigeria's Jonathan opens his bid for reelection.

African press review 6 November 2014

South Africa's hearing over violence at Marikana where 34 striking mineworkers have died, Boko Haram's attack against French-owned cement works and US's pressure against Yemen's former president Ali ...

African press review 17 July 2014

Rail track theft in South Africa, Kenyan politics, and Nigeria's president asks his parliament for an urgent loan to help fight Boko Haram - all in today's papers.


African press review 16 July 2014

SA’s engineering strike looks set to spread, Kenya’s opposition want troops pulled out of Somalia, auditors find most Kenyan counties misuse public money and Uganda charges 97 in relation ...

African press review 14 July 2014

Al Shebab, Richard Branson and alcohol consumption all feature in stories in today's African papers ...


African press review 11 June 2014

A Sudanese ambassador runs away to London. Peace hopes in South Sudan. Egyptian media look at Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike. Morsi’s trial resumes.

African press review 10 June 2014

A Kenyan imam is assassinated. SA mine-owners say they may mothball mines. Al-Sissi sticks with the same PM. Boko Haram kidnaps women in Borno state.

African press review 9 June 2014

Kings, crown princes and ministers turn out for al-Sisi’s swearing-in. Nigeria’s Kano has a new emir. Doctors order Zuma to rest.

African press review 5 June 2014

Platinum and gold mining in South Africa, and Kenya's president still hasn't taken the pay cut he promised - its all in today's African papers ....