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African press review 17 March 2014

Egyptian left-wingers call on the army to stay out of politics, foreign donors are set to halt aid to Kenya to protest at money-laundering and labour disputes continue in South Africa.

A hydraulic fracturing operation in Poland
13/03/2014 - France - US

French court bans US company Hess from drilling for fear of fracking

A French court has cancelled a drilling permit for US oil company Hess, despite the company's promise not to use the controversual method of fracking on the well.


African press review 11 March 2014

Have SA strike negotiators got ants in their pants? Who is killing the Rwandan government's exiled opponents? Should Ugandan parliamentary committee chairs get their fingers out?


African press review 6 March 2014

This morning's prize for the most striking headline goes to South African financial paper BusinessDay. See if you can make head or tale of it.


African press review 5 March 2014

Sissi drops presidential hints. Egypt bans Hamas. Why Egypt owes Cate Blanchett a meal. SA striking miners soften their stance. Why Nairobi residents are walking to work.


African press review 3 March 2014

One smiling face dominates the websites of the Kenyan newspapers this morning.

Niger and Areva continue uranium mining negotiations
22/02/2014 - African news explained

Niger and Areva continue uranium mining negotiations

Civil society groups in Niger are holding a public discussion in the capital Niamey about the country's future contracts with French nuclear energy firm Areva.


African press review 20 February 2014

Boko Haram threatens the Niger Delta.


African press review 19 February 2014

South Sudan's military accuse rebel v-p's forces of having foreign backers. An NGO claims cluster bombs are being used. SA police search illegal mining Mr Bigs.


African press review 18 February 2014

Mine bosses sue a union. SA doomsayers have got it wrong. Kenyan state governors do a lot of travelling.