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Gilberto Rodriguez Leal when he was a prisoner of Mujao
23/04/2014 - France - Mali

France vows to punish Mali's Mujao for hostage's death

The death of French hostage Gilberto Rodrigues Leal will not go unpunished, French President François Hollande declared after Mali-based jihadi group Mujao on Tuesday announced that it had ...
UNESCO says the Tomb of Askia in Gao is in a poor state of disrepair.
16/02/2014 - Mali

Race to repair Malian heritage site before rainy season

The United Nation’s cultural agency UNESCO has told RFI of an urgent need to preserve the Tomb of Askia in northern Mali before the rainy season starts in June.

French soldiers in Mali.
25/01/2014 - France - Mali

Militants killed in Mali anti-terror operation

A French counter-terrorism operation in northern Mali has killed 11 Islamist militants and left a French soldier wounded.

17/09/2013 - France - Niger

France says Niger hostage video credible

France’s foreign ministry says a video purporting to show hostages including four Frenchmen, released to the Mauritanian news agency ANI, appears "credible".

A Mujao pick-up truck destroyed by the French army in Mali
23/08/2013 - France - Mali - Mauritania

Jihadist groups unite, threaten France over Mali offensive

Two African-based jihadist groups say they have joined forces to take revenge on France for its military offensive in Mali.
A woman votes in the first round of Mali's election on Sunday
30/07/2013 - Mali - France

French leaders claim peaceful Mali vote justifies military intervention

France's embattled Socialist government rushed to welcome a peaceful vote in Mali’s presidential election Sunday, claiming it justified the French-led military intervention against armed ...
Voters early on Sunday morning
28/07/2013 - Mali

Mali votes in crucial presidential poll

The eyes of the world were on Mali Sunday as the west African country held its first presidential election since a military officers toppled a civilian government in March 2012, leading to Tuareg ...
Areva's Arlit uranium mine in Niger
24/05/2013 - Niger - France - Mali

Belmokhtar jihadi group threatens more Niger attacks

The Signatories in Blood group, led by Algerian jihadi Mokhtar Belmokhtar, has threatened more attacks against French and other interests in Niger after Thursday’s double suicide bombings that ...
Polisario denies Islamist fighters in Sahara refugee camps
19/04/2013 - African news explained

Polisario denies Islamist fighters in Sahara refugee camps

The Polisario Front, which is fighting for independence of the western Sahara from Morocco, has denied that Islamist fighters fleeing Mali have infiltrated refugee camps in Algeria.
31/03/2013 - Mali

Suicide bombing, jihadi attack in central Timbuktu

Fighting in the historic northern Mali town of Timbuktu this weekend left three Islamist fighters dead and five Malian troops wounded, the Malian army said Sunday.