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Jacqueline Sauvage, who was pardoned by President Francois Hollande last week
06/02/2016 - France - Crime

French woman freed after killing abusive husband

A French court handed a suspended five-year jail sentence on Friday to a woman who shot dead her abusive husband, less than a week after President Francois Hollande pardoned a woman jailed in a ...
Jacqueline Sauvage in court
01/02/2016 - FRANCE

Hollande pardon for French woman who killed abusive husband wins cautious welcome

French President François Hollande has pardoned a woman who was jailed for 10 years for killing her husband.
An artificial grotto on the Isle de Reuilly in the Bois de Vincennes
23/01/2016 - FRANCE

Paris court sentences Chinese childminder for killing baby's parents, cutting up bodies

A French court has sentenced a Chinese immigrant childminder to 20 years in prison for killing the parents of a bay who died in her charge, then cutting up their bodies and hiding the pieces in ...
A file photo shows a man looking closely at the door with the message "Omar m'a tuer" (Omar killed me) in the courtroom in Nice, January 31, 1994.
06/11/2015 - France

New DNA could unlock one of France's most famous murder mysteries

The case of Omar Raddad, an illiterate Moroccan gardner convicted of killing his wealthy employer in 1991, could be reopened after new DNA strands were discovered at the scene of the crime in Mougins near Nice.

Claude Verlon and Ghislaine Dupont.
02/11/2015 - FRANCE

Ghislaine Dupont and Claude Verlon, two years later

On 2 November 2013, RFI special correspondents Ghislaine Dupont and Claude Verlon were kidnapped and later murdered outside Kidal in Mali.
Oscar Pistorius during his trial in 2014
06/10/2015 - SPORT

Review board keeps Pistorius behind bars

Former Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius has been told he must remain in jail, after a decision to grant him parole was again delayed.
Rwandan President Paul Kagame lights the flame at the genocide memorial in Kigali in April 2015.
15/09/2015 - FRANCE - RWANDA

French court blocks Rwanda genocide suspect extradition

A French court has said no to the extradition of a Rwandan genocide suspect, accused of inciting the murder of monks in the monastery where he worked.
The father of one of the accused Belgrade killers defends his son in court with a sign "We want the truth", in April 2010
12/09/2015 - Serbia - France - Greece

Convicted killer of French football supporter arrested in Greece

A Serbian man who was one of more than a dozen convicted in the 2009 murder of a French football supporter was arrested in Athens on Saturday, Greek police said.

Robert Boulin at the Elysee palace in Paris on 26 September 1979, just weeks before his death
11/09/2015 - France

Court reopens investigation of minister's death, 36 years later

French prosecutors have reopened a case in the 1979 death of French cabinet minister Robert Boulin.

Tributes to Bastien in Germigny-l'Evêque
08/09/2015 - France

Parents of three-year-old found dead in washing machine stand trial

The parents of a three-year-old boy who died after being locked in a washing machine in 2011 appeared in court in northern France on Tuesday.