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A Rohingya child being identified in Kuala Langsa, Indonesia on May 18, 2015.
20/05/2015 - MYANMAR

Who are the Rohingyas, the "most persecuted minority in the world"?

Malaysia and Indonesia have announced Wednesday they would no longer turn away boat people.

Françoise Atlan celebrates Sephardic romance
14/05/2015 - World music matters

Françoise Atlan celebrates Sephardic romance

French soprano Françoise Atlan shares her love of Sephardic Jewish romance songs - a repertoire that's an important part of her family heritage.

Texas police officers in Garland, where two armed men were shot dead
04/05/2015 - United States

Texas police kill two gunmen at a Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest

Two gunmen were shot dead Sunday and a security guard wounded outside a Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest in Texas.
Charlie Hebdo journalists are brushing off controversy surrounding a literary association's decision to award the magazine a top prize for freedom
02/05/2015 - France

Charlie Hebdo journalists defend award of literary prize

Critics of a literary prize awarded to French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo are “confused”, say two journalists who survived an attack on the magazine’s staff in January.

The Muslim hijab and other "ostentatious" religious symbol are banned in French schools
29/04/2015 - FRANCE

Muslim 15-year-old barred from French school for 'too long' skirt

A 15-year-old Muslim girls has been banned from attending a school in the north of France for wearing a long black skirt, judged to be a religious symbol by her headteacher, stirring up another row ...
The old neighbourhood of Mombasa, Kenya
14/04/2015 - Kenya

Kenya NGOs listed in probe say the government is 'soiling the names of institutions'

Some 86 entities in Kenya, including individuals, non-governmental human rights organisations, money changers with Somali names and those who work with the Somali community, have had their bank ...
An Islamic State militant carries the armed group's flag on the streets of Raqqa, Syria, 29 June 2014
07/04/2015 - South Africa - ISIS

Should South Africa act against ISIS radicalisation, or is Cape Town teenager an isolated incident?

South African authorities must act to stop the further radicalisation of young people, a leading analyst told RFI on Tuesday after a 15-year-old girl was intercepted and stopped from joining the ...

French press review 7 April 2015

French Muslim leaders terrify the far-right with a proposal to build 2,000 mosques by 2017.
French President François Hollande at the 71st anniversary commemoration of the roundup of 44 Jewish orphans by the Gestapo in Izieu, 6 April 2015.
06/04/2015 - FRANCE

Hollande warns of religious fundamentalism at WWII Jewish deportation ceremony

French President François Hollande sent a warning about rising religious extremism and the consequences of indifference in the southern city Izieu on Monday, during the 71st anniversary ...
Front National vice-president Florian Philippot
06/04/2015 - FRANCE

'There are enough mosques' in France, says Front National vice-president

France does not need more mosques because “100 per cent of places of radicalisation are mosques", Florian Philippot, the vice-president of the far-right Front National party, has told ...