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Forensic police examine the scene of an attack on a mosque in Le Mans the day after the murders at Charlie Hebdo's offices
23/01/2015 - France

Islamophobic acts soar in France after Charlie Hebdo attacks, watchdog

Nearly as many attacks or insults against Muslims have taken place in France since the Charlie Hebdo attacks than in all of 2014, according to an Islamophobia watchdog.

French press review 23 January 2015

Some French newspapers this morning continue the soul-searching and call for effective action in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo killings in which a total of 20 people died in Paris a little over two ...
France's Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem
22/01/2015 - France

French values key to fight against radical islamism, Hollande tells teachers

In a bid to combat radical islamism following the recent terrorist attacks, French schools are being asked to do more to help young people understand the fundamental values and principles of the ...

French press review 22 January 2015

Today's French dailies all report the security measures French Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced on Wednesday.


French press review 21 January 2015

France tries to learn the lessons of the Charlie Hebdo killings. The paper has a new editor. A look at the latest conspiracy theories about the massacre.
Manuel Valls speaks to the media on Tuesday
21/01/2015 - France

Valls vows to tackle French ‘apartheid’ after Charlie Hebdo killings

In the wake of this month’s Charlie Hebdo attacks, France's Prime Minister Manual Valls told journalists on Tuesday that a form of apartheid exists in France.
Défense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian with Latifa Ibn Ziaten, Toulouse, 11 March 2013
20/01/2015 - France

Murdered Muslim soldier's mother gets post-Charlie Hebdo threats

The mother of a French Muslim soldier who was killed by a jihadist in 2012 has received threatening comments apparently because of her campaign to promote tolerance among people.

François Hollande, 20 Jan 2015
20/01/2015 - France

France not insulting anyone, says Hollande after anti-Charlie Hebdo protests

French president François Hollande declared in a speech on Monday evening that France “was not insulting anyone when it defended its ideas”, in a reference to anti-Charlie Hebdo ...

French press review 20 January 2015

Recognising heros, Hollande's popularity boost, and propsed new economic reforms - all in today's papers ...


French press review 19 January 2015

The attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket two weeks ago are still on everybody's mind here in France.