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Nicolas Sarkozy
French President François Hollande arrives in Luanda, 2 July 2015
03/07/2015 - ANGOLA - FRANCE

Hollande praises Angola's stability on business-centred visit

French President François Hollande praised Angola as a force for stability in Africa during a visit to the oil-rich country on Friday.
Charles Pasqua, seen here October 1986 when he first became France's interior minister
30/06/2015 - France

Former French interior minister Pasqua dies at 88

Former French interior minister Charles Pasqua died in a hospital in the Paris suburbs Monday at age 88.


French weekly magazines review 28 June 2015

The identity debate thrives on French fears of terrorism and migrants' invasion of Europe from the Mediterranean.

Wikileaks reveal at least three French presidents' phones were tapped
24/06/2015 - FRANCE

US spying on French presidents shows mistrust of 'allies', experts

Wikileaks' revelations that the US's NSA agency tapped the phones of three French presidents and other officials have sparked angry reactions in Paris.
Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande, all reportedly the targets of US wiretaps
24/06/2015 - FRANCE - United States

US spying on French president 'unacceptable betweeen allies', France

France said Wednesday that spying was "unacceptable between allies" after WikiLeaks' allegations that the United States National Security Agency spied on the last three French presidents.

French weekly magazines review 21 June 2015

Françafrique still going strong as President Hollande flouts his own promise to end the controversial colonial pact.
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls arrives at the first forum of the communication board to discuss French Islam at the Interior Ministry in Paris
15/06/2015 - FRANCE

Islam here to stay in France, Valls tells government-Muslim forum

Islam is here to stay in France, Prime Minister Manuel Valls told a half-day conference on relations with the Muslim community on Monday.

French weekly magazines review 14 June 2015

This week's magazines look at the status of women in Egypt, contradictions in the French Socialist government's position on illegal immigration and a Swedish solution to the problem of mass ...

French press review 10 June 2015

Manuel Valls rolls out a surprise "Small Business Act" as Sarkozy's Les Républicains pile pressure on him to pay tickets for a Falcon flight to the football Champions League final.

French press review 9 June 2015

French Press hails President François Hollande for leading the battle for climate change at G-7 Summit.