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Nicolas Sarkozy
20/04/2014 - France

French weekly magazines review

Ségolène Royale is back on the political scene and Prime Minister Manuel Valls is learning to navigate his new role alongside President François Hollande.


French press review 16 April 2014

Opinion polls are the thing this morning.

Hutu refugees greet French soldiers arriving in a camp outside Butare on this 3 July 1994
10/04/2014 - Analysis: France - Rwanda

Twenty years after genocide France and Rwanda give different versions of history

Paul Kagame's renewed accusations led Paris to boycott Monday’s genocide commemoration ceremony in Kigali, but also sparked considerable soul-searching over the allegations in the French ...

Bernard Squarcini
08/04/2014 - France

Former French spy chief fined for snooping on reporter's phone records

A former French spy chief was fined 8,000 euros, more than the prosecutor called for, for checking the phone records of a journalist to try to find a leak that could have embarassed former ...


French press review 4 April 2014

The French press considers Chad’s pull out from the CAR as necessary but untimely, while other papers say French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is making a high-risk take-off.

François Hollande.
31/03/2014 - Analysis: France

Why voters deserted Hollande and Socialists in French local elections

The huge swing to the right in what were supposed to be local elections was in reality an expression of huge dissatisfaction with the national government of president François Hollande and ...

Millions of people are voting in the first round of local elections across France on Sunday 23 March.
23/03/2014 - France

Major parties jostle for position in French local elections

Millions of people in France are voting in the first round of local elections this Sunday, with the far-right Front National looking for major gains while the Socialists are under pressure due to ...

Sarkozy attacks the French press
23/03/2014 - International media

Sarkozy attacks the French press

Douglas Yates, a professor of political science at the American University in Paris, discusses the fall out of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy's scathing attack on the press for allegedly ...


French press review 22 March 2014

The French press has been examining former President Nicolas Sarkozy’s denunciation of a plot against him in the wake of mounting corruption claims that are undermining his prospects of a ...

Nicolas Sarkozy compares France to a dictatorship in a Le Figaro editorial on 20 March, 2014.
21/03/2014 - France

French political parties in row over Sarkozy's Stasi comparison

France’s ruling Socialists and the main opposition UMP party ratcheted up a verbal war Friday after former President Nicolas Sarkozy likened the court-ordered tapping of his phones to the ...