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Nicolas Sarkozy

French press review 25 May 2015

The decline in the active membership of French political parties has Le Monde worried. Only the far-right Front National has been able to reverse the trend.

French weekly magazines review 17 May 2015

If there is one dominant subject on the French weeklies' front pages, it's surely the debate surrounding attempts by the education minister to reform the secondary education system.
Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy at a rally this month
16/05/2015 - FRANCE

Sarkozy party faces legal challenge to Republicans name change

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy's proposal to rebrand his mainstream right party faces a legal challenge.
Former French president and current UMP leader Nicolas Sarkozy
15/05/2015 - FRANCE

Sarkozy party to expel mayor for ban Islam in France call

The French mainstream right UMP party is to expel the mayor of a small southern town who has called for Islam to be banned in France.
Russian sailors in Saint-Nazaire last year to train on the Mistrals
15/05/2015 - RUSSIA - FRANCE

France offers Russia refund on undelivered Mistrals, report

France has offered to pay Russia 785 million euros to scrap a contract for two Mistral helicopter carriers, whose sale has been suspended over the Ukraine conflict, on condition that it can sell them ...

French press review 8 May 2015

Just three papers to hand this morning as the Catholics at La Croix and the communists at L'Humanité celebrate the anniversary of the end of the World War II in Europe by not coming in to ...
Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy
07/05/2015 - FRANCE

French court allows Sarkozy phone-taps as corruption case evidence

A French court has ruled that secret wiretaps of former president Nicolas Sarkozy can be used as evidence in a corruption case against him.

French press review 6 May 2015

The French arms industry seems to be weathering the economic storm. A storm of a different kind is rattling the political teacups in the Le Pen household.
Jean-Marie Le Pen arrives to his party's headquarters, near Paris, 4 May 2015.
04/05/2015 - France

France's far-right Jean-Marie Le Pen to be sanctioned by his party

Former Front National leader Jean-Marie Le Pen appears on Monday before the party's top executive authority. Le Pen faces sanctions following his anti-Semitic comments last month.


French weekly magazines review 3 May 2015

Is “money curse” haunting UMP leader and ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy?