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French press review 14 January 2015

The French press is headlining on the new issue of Charlie Hebdo coming out Wednesday.

France has deployed 10,000 soldiers on home soil, 13 January 2015
13/01/2015 - France

France deploys 10,500 troops after Charlie Hebdo attacks

France has deployed 10,500 soldiers on home soil and posted 5,000 extra police officers to protect key sites to precent further attacks after last week's killing spree by Islamist gunmen, French ...
A spray-painted shut mouth of a statue in the streets of Paris, 11 January 2015.
13/01/2015 - Analysis: France

French anti-terror spirit of unity lingers but issues remain

"Beautiful but fragile" was how right wing UMP Member of Parliament Henri Guaino described Sunday’s demonstrations of unity all over France when 3.7 million people turned out in ...
French soldiers outside Jewish school, Paris, Jan 12, 2015.
12/01/2015 - France

New security measures likely to combat terrorism in France

France’s 717 synagogues and Jewish schools are to be protected by police or security forces from today in reaction to last week's terrorist attacks.


French press review 12 January 2015

The French newspapers are all headlining on yesterday's unity march.

Paris's Arc de Triomphe declares solidarity with Charlie Hebdo.
10/01/2015 - Analysis: France

How will the Charlie Hebdo attacks change France?

On Friday evening Chérif Kouachi, Saïd Kouachi and Amedy Coulibaly achieved the martyrdom they aspired to after having imposed the same fate on 17 people who had no wish to die.
A demonstrator holds a sign rading "I am Charlie" at a solidarity rally on Wednesday evening
08/01/2015 - France

France observes minute’s silence, prepares national unity rally after Charlie Hebdo killings

France’s political leaders appealed for national unity as a manhunt was under way for two brothers suspected of murdering 12 people in an attack on satirical paper Charlie Hebdo.

French weekly magazines review 4 January 2015

From inspiring individuals who achieved remarkable things in Marianne to those who "will make you love 2015" in Le Figaro mag, the French weeklies have chosen to focus on optimism for a ...

French weekly magazines review 28 December 2014

As we approach the end of 2014, it's time as usual for the weeklies to reflect on the year that has passed.

French press review 22 December 2014

The medical staff on strike, solidarity action in Madagascar, politics with Juppé appearing as a favorite and a return to childhood with Winnie-the-Pooh...Here are what the French newspapers ...