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Nicolas Sarkozy

French weekly magazines review 4 October 2015

Is the outcome of December's Paris climate conference a foregone conclusion? Are the French correct in thinking they can't afford to take in more migrants?
Claude Guéant
28/09/2015 - France

Trial begins for former Sarkozy aides in cash bonus case

The trial of former Nicolas Sarkozy aides Claude Gueant and Michel Gaudin, as well as three other senior French officials, opened Monday in Paris as they face charges of embezzlement and ...

French weekly magazines review 27 September 2015

The Volkswagen pollution scandal continues to give off fumes. There's praise for an old socialist and blanket condemnation of his descendants.
Christine Lagarde on French TV, 13 September 2015
23/09/2015 - FRANCE- IMF

France to drop charges against IMF boss Lagarde

French prosecutors are to drop charges against IMF chief Christine Lagarde, accused of negligence when she was France's economy minister over a 403-million-euro payout to ex-Olympique Marseille boss ...

French press review 17 September 2015

Presidents a-plenty this morning, with Vladimir Putin offering to solve the Syrian crisis while keeping Bashar al-Assad in power.
Migrants arrested by Hungarian police after having broken through the fence erected along the border with Serbia
16/09/2015 - FRANCE - European Union - Syria

French MPs debate Syrian refugees as Germany tightens border with Alsace

Germany on Wednesday stepped up controls on its border with France, as the Europe's migrant crisis deepened.

French press review 12 September 2015

European divisions deepen as time runs out to share the burden of refugees streaming in; ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy is in the lead as preparations for the 2016 Les Républicains primaries ...

French press review 11 September 2015

A stand-off over French asylum quotas sparks a war of figures between left and right-wing politicians in Paris.

French press review 10 September 2015

The refugee crisis in Europe continues to make the headlines, after the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, called for more solidarity and less repression.

French President Francois Hollande speaking at  the Elysee Palace in Paris, 7 September 2015.
07/09/2015 - France - Syria - EU

Hollande plays French politics with migrant welcome offer

French President François Hollande and the ruling Socialists could use the migration issue to marginalise France's mainstream right ahead of regional elections this year