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African press review 12 January 2015

Today's African press review has it all: the first day of the new Egyptian parliament, a church backlash in Kenya, concerns over China in South Africa and two worrying new diseases.


African press review 11 January 2015

From Rwanda to South Africa and Kenya and from Netflix to an anti-social media bill, as well as an appeal in front of the International Criminal Court, the African press review covers what the papers ...

African press review 9 January 2015

From the Olympic Games in Brazil, to South Africa's President Jacob Zuma and South Sudan, today's African press review has everything the papers are talking about this morning.


African press review 8 January 2015

In today's African press review, Kenya is banning preachers and sex talks from its televisions, while a teacher is convicted of radicalising children.
French President François Hollande, (2nd from right) with the four French hostages, (left to right) Marc Feret, Pierre Legrand, Daniel Larribe, Thierry Dol at the Villacoublay military, 30 October 2013.
29/12/2015 - FRANCE - NIGER

Former French hostage to sue French state, Areva

Ex-French hostage Thierry Dol says he will press charges against the French state and his employer, energy giant Areva, so as to find out what led to his rescue after three years in captivity in ...

African press review 7 December 2015

There are worries for Africa ahead of next week's World Trade Organisation ministerial summit.
Is the press really free in Niger?
05/12/2015 - African Media

Is the press really free in Niger?

RFI's Clea Broadhurst takes a look at Zone9 collective bloggers in Ethiopia and press freedom in Niger.

NGO releases free guide on development reporting
28/11/2015 - African Media

NGO releases free guide on development reporting

In this week’s edition, RFI takes a look at new free guide on development reporting for African journalists that was released by the European Journalism Centre and the Nairobi based NGO Africaonair.

Boko Haram fears spread burqa ban across parts of Africa
04/08/2015 - Spotlight on Africa

Boko Haram fears spread burqa ban across parts of Africa

Niger has now joined Chad and Cameroon in banning the burqa — the full veil worn by some devout Muslims — after a series of attacks across the countries in which Boko Haram suicide ...
French President François Hollande with Cameroon's Paul Biya on Friday
04/07/2015 - CAMEROoN - FRANCE - NIGERIA

Hollande offers to host anti-Boko Haram summit on Cameroon visit

French President François Hollande has offered to host a summit of countries fighting Nigeria's Boko Haram armed Islamists on a visit to Cameroon.