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African press review 29 August 2014

Anti-Ebola efforts take a hit in Nigeria. SA papers want to know what Zuma’s been up to in Russia. Grace Mugabe enters politics. Uhuru loses a car and destroys a ship.


African press review 28 August 2014

Liberia should be more careful with so-called Ebola cures, the virus may have united Nigeria and South Africa's schools go empty as long as roads go unpaved.

Medical personnel in protective suits treat Ebola in Liberia
28/08/2014 - France - west Africa

Air France suspends flights to Ebola-hit Sierra Leone

Air France has suspended flights to Freetown due to the Ebola outbreak, leaving Sierra Leone and neighbouring Liberia reliant on just one airline, Royal Air Morocco.


African press review 27 August 2014

Liberia is battling the political consequences of the Ebola outbreak, Nigeria's press issuea a call to arms and Kenya's police forces come under fire.


African press review 26 August 2014

Liberia's politics and food reserves are suffering from the health crisis, Kenya opens an investigation into a police shooting and Uganda is worried about a mountain collapsing.

African communities in Dakar: part 1/5
25/08/2014 - International report

African communities in Dakar: part 1/5

Senegal has for many years been considered as the most stable country in West Africa. There has never been a military coup and presidential succession has always been through the ballot.


African press review 22 August 2014

We begin with details emerging from Sierra Leone about the origin of the Ebola epidemic which has killed 1200 people in West Africa, according to the World Health Organization.


African press review 21 August 2014

In African headlines, Nigeria denies a mutiny in the army, Liberia's government comes under fire for its curfew, Uganda passes a controversial anti-HIV bill and South African TV actors hog the ...

20/08/2014 - France

Air France employees fear Ebola

Air France employees want the airline to stop all flights to Ebola-affected countries in West Africa.


African press review 20 August 2014

Ebola is making headlines in the West African news, Kenya needs to bring its food supplies out of the silos and into the fields, and South Africa looks at research on how to lose weight.