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African press review 6 February 2016

Today's African press review is filled with strange stories: from a man being mysteriously sucked out of a plane in Somalia, to the Nigerian president going to see his doctors in London.

African press review 5 February 2016

Today's African press review takes a look at the future of aid workers in South Sudan as well as a fraud scandal in Nigeria. Plus, Ugandan President Museveni skips a TV debate, again.


African press review 4 February 2016

Suspended South African Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega says she's the victim of a witch hunt over her role in the 2012 Marikana massacre.

African press review 2 February 2016

South Sudan government troops stand accused of killing 50 people by stuffing them into a shipping container in baking heat.

African press review 26 January 2016

When you think of Africa, do you think of child obesity? Think again: today's press reveals there are a growing amount of overweight children in Africa.

African press review 25 January 2016

Dead millionaires, women fighting electoral fraud and parliamentary procrastination are all in today's press review, straight from Africa.


African press review 4 January 2016

Washington is upset at Paul Kagame's decision to run for a third term as president of Rwanda.

African press review 2 January 2016

Anything is possible in today's African press review: paint and posts can change the world; Kenyans could soon pay next to nothing to travel in the east-African region and President Muhammadu Buhari ...

African press review 1 January 2016

Lots of promises from Heads of State in the first African press review of the year: Kenya's Uhuru Kenyatta and Nigeria's Muhammadu Buhari both vow to fight corruption and terrorism.
31/12/2015 - Nigeria - Renewable energy

Football pitch in Nigeria powered by kinetic energy: vanity project for oil multinational or future for renewables?

An innovative new football pitch in Lagos opened in December using power generated by the players running on special tiles that capture kinetic energy.