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French press review 18 October 2014

The French press looks to Africa today. There’s a glimmer of hope about the fate of Nigeria’s kidnapped schoolgirls and its fight with Ebola is praised.

African press review 17 October 2014

The Ebola epidemic running out of control in west Africa continues to dominate the African press. 


African press review 16 October 2014

Lesotho's army won't let go of its hold on the country's politics. African bonds slide. SA goes in search of offshore oil and gas. An Egyptian court sentences seven to death.
Childless Nigerians resort to 'baby factories'
15/10/2014 - International report

Childless Nigerians resort to 'baby factories'

Nigeria has an unusually high number of infertile couples, experts have found.

African press review 10 October 2014

Kenya's president gets a hero's welcome on his return from the ICC. Kind donors offer to pay for Zuma's home improvements.

African press review 09 October 2014

Kenyatta returns home after ICC trip, Nigeria accuses South Africa of blocking a legal arms purchase and uncertainty over South Africa's mining laws dominate the front page stories of African ...

African press review 03 October 2014

A court martial for Nigerian soldiers accused of cowardice in the face of Boko Haram is set up. Has the sect insists its leader is alive, the army says he has been killed.

African press review 26 September 2014

Nigerian soldiers face court-martial, accused of cowardice in the face of Boko Haram. Preacher TB Joshua is accused of lying. There is debate about how far Ebola can spread.