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30/04/2010 - France

Former minister Pasqua gets one-year suspended sentence

Right-wing former Interior Minister Charles Pasqua was given a one-year prison sentence at the end of a trial on three counts of embezzlement.
16/04/2010 - France - Spain

Basque separatist publicity stunt goes wrong at Arc de Triomphe

A Basque separatist supporter was seriously hurt on Friday after falling from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris whilst attempting to abseil down the monument, according to police sources.

07/04/2010 - France - USA

Whitney in Paris hospital, comeback concerts cancelled

US pop singer Whitney Houston was admitted to hospital in Paris on Tuesday night, where she was receiving treatment for a nose and throat infection.
07/04/2010 - France

Explosion at Paris factory kills one, injures 12

One man was killed and 12 others injured in an explosion triggered by a fire at a factory north-west of Paris early on Wednesday morning.

23/03/2010 - France

Senegalese-origin baker wins coveted best baguette award

The best baguette in Paris can be found on Montmartre’s rue des Abbesses – and it’s made by a 33-year-old of Senegalese origin.
18/03/2010 - France

Immigrants jailed for detention centre fire

Ten immigrants, most of them from Mali and Morocco, have been jailed for their role in a fire in a detention centre in the Paris suburb of Vincennes.
16/03/2010 - France

Chatting with Monsieur Chat at Paris graffiti show

If you've ever spent time in Paris, are observant and like graffiti, then you won't have failed to notice Monsieur Chat curled up on the sides of buildings and chimmey stacks across the French ...
The 81 bus makes its way to Paris's Montparnasse station - with its real driver
11/03/2010 - France

Wannabe bus drivers rob Paris public transport

Impersonating a police officer is already a crime in many countries but it looks as if France may have to legislate against wannabe bus drivers.
Booksellers to the world, boasts an old Brentano's logo
17/02/2010 - France

Paris American bookshop to reopen

Paris's famous American bookshop, Brentano's, is to reopen after closing because of bankruptcy in June 2009.