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24/10/2014 - FRANCE - US

French Academy of Science award winner on need to protect scientists

The French Academy of Science has awarded its top prize to Joel Lebowitz, a professor of physics and mathematics at Rutgers University


French press review 18 March 2014

Pride of place this morning to Albert Einstein, whose relativity theory provided the basis for the Big Bang theory, and the scepticism about the ultimate ambitions of Vladimir Putin dominate the ...
Particles particles particles...but from whence?
23/11/2013 - The Sound Kitchen

Particles particles particles...but from whence?

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French press review 9 October 2013

The theatre, opera and film world pays tribute to director Patrice Chérau. Taubira presents plans for penal reform. Who's been left out of the Nobel Physics Prize?
05/01/2013 - France

French teenager’s research published in Nature

A 15-year old school boy from Strasbourg has had his research on astronomy published in the latest issue of the prestigious scientific journal, Nature.

09/10/2012 - France - US

French Scientist Serge Haroche and American David Wineland share Nobel Physics Prize

The Nobel Prize for Physics has been awarded to Frenchman Serge Haroche and David Wineland of the US for their work in quantum physics which could lead to the creation of supercomputers. ...
The discovery of a new particle - Higgs boson?
05/07/2012 - World news explained

The discovery of a new particle - Higgs boson?

In Switzerland, the Cern physics lab has announced it has discovered a new particle that may be the elusive Higgs boson or "God particle".
04/07/2012 - Science

European scientists discover new particle that may be Higgs boson

Physicists at the European nuclear research centre, Cern, have found a new particle which is probably the long-sought Higgs boson and promise that “our understanding of the universe is about ...